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Jan 31, 2017
Thomas Kueber
Recognizing excellence — being able to understand what makes a good experience good, and why — is crucial for any organization seeking to build a competency in design. In support of this we are delighted to announce that Capital One is sponsoring the IxDA Interaction Awards.
Thomas Kueber
Vote for the 2017 People’s Choice Award!

We’re looking forward to celebrating the 2017 Interaction Awards winners on February 8th at Interaction17 in New York, but there is one more award left to choose: The People’s Choice Award.
Thomas Kueber
Santiago, Chile, November 2016. Eleven humans, an earthquake and several dishes of wild eel. The basic ingredients for a weekend full of discussion, of debate - and not always in consensus, and final deliberation. By the end of the weekend, this talented group of people has selected the Finalists for the 2017 Interaction Awards!
Thomas Kueber
The 2017 Interaction Awards Shortlist is here!

We’re thrilled to announce the 74 projects representing 15 countries that have been named for inclusion in the 2017 Interaction Awards Shortlist.

We are especially proud to announce that 30% of the shorlisted projectss come from students enrolled in design programs around the globe. Congratulations!
Thomas Kueber
Our jury is complete and we are excited to introduce Michelle and Daljit.

After the peer reviewing phase they will join us in Santiago, Chile during Interaction South America 2016 and find this year's finalists and winners. Stay tuned, we'll keep you updated!
Submissions for the 2017 Interaction Awards are closed! Next, we start the peer review of your entries and will announce the shortlist on November 1, 2016.
Thomas Kueber
As we are approaching the end of this year’s submission period we would like to take a minute and introduce you to the first members of our jury: Eddie Opara, Juliana Rotich, Giorgia Lupi and Nelly Ben Hayoun.
Thomas Kueber
2017 Interaction Awards deadline extended to September 19, 11:59 pm PDT.
Thomas Kueber
Our friends from Wayfindr, last year's Best in the Category Empowering and Best in Show, talk a little on how they approached their submission - that finally brought them on stage in Helsinki.
Audrey Liehn
Our last category for this year’s IxDA Awards we would like to introduce you to is EXPRESSION.
Also this time we were honoured to capture the personal opinion about this category of our previous jury members Itamar Medeiros, Senior User Experience Design Specialist at SAP, and Brenda Laurel, principal of Neogaian Interactive.
Audrey Liehn
For our fifth category of this year’s IxDA Awards, we are looking on CONNECTING.
“How do the projects allow people to connect?” - this is the main question we ask for submitted projects in this category.
Audrey Liehn
Our next category dives into the question how interaction design can engage its users in new and exciting ways.
Audrey Liehn
One goal of interaction design is to enable people to overcome their limitations. How can design empower people to share, express their voice and achieve their goals?
Audrey Liehn
Today we would like to introduce you to our second category of the IxDA Awards called "Optimizing". Which specific challenges can be solved by optimized interactions in a country like India? And from a broader perspective - how can efficient daily activities change the life of everyone?
Thomas Kueber
During the following weeks we would like to introduce you to the six categories of the Interaction Awards. Our 2016 jury members took a minute aside on last year's jury weekend to elaborate what they would love to see in future entries.
We are delighted to announce Ravi Naidoo as the chair of 2017 Interaction Awards Jury!
Thomas Kueber
Hello 2017!

Welcome to the sixth year of the Interaction Awards! Submissions open on Tuesday, the 14 June.

Three months after celebrating the finalists of 2016 during the Interaction 16 conference in Helsinki, Finland, we look forward to recognizing the best design work in the past year.

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