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Dec 1, 2013
Janna DeVylder
Three weeks ago, our global Jury met at Fabrica in Italy to review all of the shortlisted entries and choose the best examples of Interaction Design for 2014. It was a daunting task to select up to five finalists per category, but our amazing jury was up to the challenge. We’re pleased to announce the finalists of the 2014 Interaction Awards, all of whom will be celebrated at Interaction14 in Amsterdam 5-8 of February, 2014. Best in Category, Best Concept, Best Student, Best in Show and the winner of the People's Choice Award (all 91 shortlisted projects are eligible, with voting starting first week of January 2014) will be announced live at the Interaction Awards Celebration on Saturday evening, 8th of February. This will be a wonderful way to close out Interaction14 and celebrate.

Congratulations to the 2014 Interaction Awards finalists!
Niklas Mortensen
It's about a week since we wrapped up our stay in Italy, and we look back at a truly exhilarating weekend with our jury of globally recognized thought leaders.
After 10 months of planning and conspiring the 2014 Interaction Awards jury gathered at the amazing Fabrica campus outside Treviso. Over the weekend in Italy our esteemed group of 6 and our jury chair went through an incredible portfolio of work from all over the world, evaluating each entry based on context, opportunity, impact and craft. It was a daunting task we asked of them. It’s was hectic, sometimes heated, and a lot of the time excruciatingly difficult to select the pieces worthy of international recognition, but our amazing Jury was up to the challenge.
Niklas Mortensen
Announcing the 2014 Interaction Awards Shortlist!

We're excited to announce the shortlist of entries for the 2014 Interaction Awards. Out of the 350 projects submitted from around the world, 91 projects from 18 countries have been elevated for consideration. Many thanks to all who shared their stories and submitted their work. Congratulations to those who have been selected.

Many thanks to our legion of international peer reviewers who helped narrow down the work and to our Jury who added additional projects for consideration.
Janna DeVylder
We’re mixing things up a bit, with the best of intentions. Instead of announcing the Shortlist on November 1st, we’re going to announce it while at the Jury weekend, on November 10th.

Why? Well, the Jury want to make their jobs even more challenging!
Janna DeVylder
A critical part of the Interaction Awards is the Peer Review process. Rather than having the jury evaluate all entries (which could never happen in a weekend), we ask designers and colleagues from around the world to share their time with us and to review 5 or more entries. Our goal is to have each entry viewed by a minimum of three people.

Wondering how the entries are evaluated?
Janna DeVylder
What an exciting time! Interaction Design work from around the world has been shared, and we cannot wait to start our peer review process on 2 October!

Here’s what you can expect over the next several months:
Janna DeVylder
Here's your chance to push it across the line.

Share you story, submit to the 2014 Interaction Awards!
Janna DeVylder
Today's your day!

There's still time to share your story and submit your great work to the 2014 Interaction Awards.

Trying to figure out what time it is for where you are in the world?
Janna DeVylder
Sunday has arrived. That means you have one more day to pull together your story and celebrate your good work with the 2014 Interaction Awards!

You have until tomorrow, Monday 30 September, at 11:59 EDT to enter. Go go go! Start an entry, or finish one you've begun. We want to celebrate work from around the world!

Enter now!
Janna DeVylder
The deadline for submission to the 2014 Interaction Awards is next Monday, 30 September at 11:59 EST.

You have seven days - now's the time - enter now!
Janna DeVylder
In just two weeks, submissions will close for the 2014 Interaction Awards. Will you be giving our Jury the opportunity to celebrate your work?

There is still plenty of time for you to submit. Enter now!
Janna DeVylder
We'd like to introduce you to Matt Nish-Lapidus and the category of Connecting.

Matt is a Design Director at Normative in Toronto, Canada, and sits on the Board of Directors for IxDA. Read more about him and his work.

Connecting: Facilitating communication between people and communities.
Janna DeVylder
We'd like to introduce you to Xin Xiangyang and the category of Disruption.

Xin is a Professor and Dean at the School of Design for Jiangnan University in Wuxi, China. Read more about him and his work.

Disrupting: Re-imagining completely an existing product or service by creating new behaviors, usages or markets.
Janna DeVylder
We'd like to introduce you to Aaron Siegel and the category of Expressing.

Aaron is the Head of Interaction and Online Experience at Fabrica in Treviso, Italy. Read more about him and his work.

Expressing: Encouraging self expression and/or creativity.
Janna DeVylder
Ahhh, we have some breathing room.

Good news! We’ve looked at the schedule, considered when we need to hold peer reviews and when the Jury will meet, and have determined we can extend the 2014 Interaction Awards submission deadline from 15 September to 30 September!

What does that mean? No excuse now – celebrate your work! Enter!
Janna DeVylder
The Interaction Awards rely on the individual and collective experience of its esteemed jury to evaluate and consider the work submitted from around the world. During the jury weekend, each juror will be on point for representing one category's work to the rest of the jury. We'd like to introduce you to our jury and give you some insight into the categories you can submit your work against, be it student, concept or commercial work. We've asked our jury members to give us some thoughts about why their category was important in Interaction Design and what kind of work comes to mind when they think of that category.
Niklas Mortensen
After a (normal) slow start, we are starting to see the rate of submissions picking up. Traditionally we know that people like to wait up until the last minute before hitting the submit button, and in anticipation of this we have run our server hamsters through intensive training to prepare for the last-minute onslaught of submissions.
Janna DeVylder
Back in November 2012, our esteemed 2013 jury met in New York to evaluate the shortlist of projects and select the winners of the 2013 Interaction Design Awards. As a part of that process, Christian Svanes Kolding created short documentaries around the process of evaluation. In the midst, he asked our jurors, "What is the state of Interaction Design today?" Here are some of their thoughts. How would you respond?
Janna DeVylder
The 2014 Interaction Awards are now open until 30 September, 2013 for submissions. In its third year, the Interaction Awards recognize and celebrate examples of excellence in Interaction Design across domains, channels, environments and cultures. We’re excited to continue inspiring the global Interaction Design community to share, discuss and celebrate excellence.



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