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Mar 5, 2016
MJ Broadbent
Announcing final results for the 2016 Interaction Awards...Congratulations to all shortlisted, finalist and winning projects. You inspire us!
Michelle Berryman
The entries are in, the jury has spoken and now it’s your turn! There is still one award to choose before we step onstage in Helsinki this March: The People’s Choice Award.
Thomas Kueber
Congratulations to the finalists, all of whom will be celebrated during Interaction16 in Helsinki, Finland. Who will the winners be? Details will be revealed on Friday evening, March 4 at the Interaction Awards ceremony!
Kim Goodwin
The 2016 jury's work is done! We appreciated the diversity of the shortlisted entries, which tackled everything from daily inconveniences to major life challenges. Quite a few entries offered excellent storytelling—not to be confused with video production quality—which enhances their value as exemplars for the community. In the end, a broad range of projects were recognized across the six categories.
MJ Broadbent
We’re thrilled to announce the 68 projects representing 17 countries that have been named for inclusion in the 2016 Interaction Awards Shortlist. Of special interest: 36% of the recognized projects are student works from 11 countries around the world. Congratulations to all!
Thomas Kueber
And we're getting ready for the peer reviewing process.

The submission period for the 2016 Interaction Awards is over. Finished. Done.
We are wiping the tables, putting away the chairs and switching out the light...

Niklas Mortensen
Read some words of wisdom from last year's Interaction Awards Chair Niklas Mortensen on not just how to enter your project - but on how to enter to win.
MJ Broadbent
We are very pleased to announce Leisa Reichelt and Amber Case have joined the 2016 Jury. Each is a luminary leader in one of the many ways interaction design impacts humanity.
Kim Goodwin
The work we do is so highly dependent on context, how can the IxDA community peer reviewers and the jury choose from among such diverse entries? What value does the Interaction Awards platform provide? Here are a few words about why I got involved—and why you should too.
Michelle Berryman
To say that interactive experiences should be engaging seems obvious, but to actually design, build and deliver an experience that truly delivers on that ideal/that quality is much harder than we often acknowledge. This is exactly why the Interaction Awards honor work that is engaging, work that captures attention, creates delight, encourages re-engagement, brings joy and otherwise delivers meaning.
Michelle Berryman
Have you worked on a project that connects people or communities, that facilitates dialogue and encourages communication and active participation? If so, it's probably a great candidate for entry in our Connecting category.
Thomas Kueber
We are very happy to announce Brenda Laurel and Sudhir Sharma will join our distinguished 2016 Jury. Both are pioneering practitioners and educators who have had — and continue to have — a tremendous impact on interaction design.
Michelle Berryman
One of the ways IxDA's Interaction Awards is distinguished from other award programs is the way we classify and categorize entries. We believe a crucial quality inherent in interactive, experiential work is the intent behind the experience. Take a closer look...
MJ Broadbent
Please join us in welcoming Itamar Medeiros and Alok Nandi to the 2016 Interaction Awards Jury. Both are distinguished design practitioners who also contribute leadership as educators and community organizers.
Thomas Kueber
How does it feel to win an Interaction Award? What changes after you leave the stage and fly away from wherever the Interaction conference has taken you that year? What is it worth to make all the effort to submit your shining project to our design program? We asked past and find out!
MJ Broadbent
The fifth annual Interaction Awards is getting ready to roll out the red carpet for 2016. Building on the success of the past four years, we’re excited to continue inspiring the global interaction design community to share, discuss, and celebrate excellence in our field. Please join us in welcoming our 2016 Jury Chair: Kim Goodwin, VP of Product and User Experience at PatientsLikeMe.

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