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Feb 2, 2023
Interaction Awards
While our Community Peer Review panel is busy completing their work to select this year's shortlist, we thought we'd introduce you to the members of our international jury who will select this year's finalists and winners. Meet Carine Lallemand from Eindhoven, Netherlands.
Interaction Awards
You’ve submitted entries from more than 20 countries. We wish you all good luck!

The top three categories for this year's submissions are Empowering, Engaging, and Disrupting. Entries represent the cross-section of our industry: 26% from Agency/In-house businesses, 16% from Enterprise, 9% from Indie/Non-profit organizations, and 49% from students.
Interaction Awards
Did you miss getting in under the wire yesterday as our Late Entry deadline closed? Well, we have some good news. There is one final sprint to the finish — we’ve extended our deadline through 27 January 2023. So you have just two more weeks to complete your submission.

The entry platform will close and go offline for sure on Friday, 27 January at 11:59 p.m. in San Francisco. You will need to fully complete your submission before we turn off the lights. We understand that these few days can make a world of difference... Go for it, get it done!
Interaction Awards
Everyone loves a deadline! Today is the late entry deadline for this year’s Interaction Awards, and we know with our global reach it can be hard to figure out what that means for you in your local time.

We’ve created a cheat sheet to make sure you don’t miss the cutoff. And if your time zone is not listed, you can use our handy link to find exactly what Pacific time it is right now based on your local time zone.
Interaction Awards
Our entry deadline is fast approaching and preparing your Awards submission can be an anxiety-inducing experience. Have I got the right information? Did I pick the right photos? Is my story clear?  To make your job easier, we’ve put together insights from our past Interaction Awards jurors – how they’ve looked at submissions and what made a project stand out from the rest. 

Jury members want to understand the main points of your project and why it’s worthy of an award. Good storytelling is key. Your submission should be well-written and engaging, with a strong narrative that helps bring your work to life.
Interaction Awards
Community Peer Review is at the core of the Interaction Awards selection process. It is the members of the IxDA community like you that determine who makes our shortlist each year. 

This year we opened our Call for Peer Reviewers at the beginning of December and the community answered the call in record numbers. We received 300+ applications from 63 countries.
Interaction Awards
We are thrilled to announce that Cynthia Savard Saucier will lead the judging process as our 2023 Interaction Awards Jury Chair! 

Cynthia Savard Saucier leads UX at Shopify and is also the co-author of Tragic Design. She is passionate about human beings and their means of communication. She has always sought a deeper understanding of how people think, interact, and connect. Cynthia is regularly invited to speak at events around the world where she shares her point of view on all things design.
Interaction Awards
Peer review is a unique aspect of the Interaction Awards because it’s members of the IxDA community like you that determine who makes our shortlist each year. 

We’re looking for experienced designers from around the world to review submissions with us and select the official shortlist beginning on 1 February 2023. The call is open to anyone who self-identifies as a member of the IxDA community.
Interaction Awards
Our Early Bird rate for this year's Interaction Awards expires at 11:59 pm (PST) today, Monday, 5 December.

IxDA has recognized best-in-class Interaction Design since 2012. The Interaction Awards celebrate examples of excellence across domains, channels, environments, and cultures.

This is your last chance to enter IxDA's international design awards program at our lowest entry fee this year.
Interaction Awards
Your Interaction Awards team has been busy preparing our next annual Awards cycle, and the Call for Entries is now open. And if you’re interested in supporting the Awards this year, we have a few ways you can help.

The Interaction Awards are an initiative of the Interaction Design Association (IxDA), a global community of more than 120,000 individuals worldwide dedicated to the professional practice of Interaction Design. Find out how to join your local group and get involved at

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