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May 19, 2021
Angel Anderson
As we said in our first blog post, co-chairing the Awards is, and has been, a labor of love for both of us for the last year. We wrap up the year now, humbled, optimistic, enthusiastic, and extremely grateful.

The new Awards Co-Chairs have been selected! We can’t wait for you to hear from this powerhouse duo and for them to share their vision with you. We are confident that they will make the next year’s Awards program even better!

Check back here soon to discover who the 2022 Awards co-chairs will be!
Angel Anderson
Want to help the Interaction Design Association (IxDA) find and recognize the best interaction design in the world today? Now is the time to raise your hand to be considered for the role of Co-Chair for 2022 Interaction Awards.

IxDA is a community of doers and makers, so if you watched the 2021 Award Ceremony and thought to yourself, “I’d love to help make the awards program even better,” now’s your chance to step up. Volunteer to lead the program as Co-Chair or lend your skills and time on one of the many work streams for the 2022 awards program.
Angel Anderson
We’re honored to announce the Interaction Award winners for 2021!

On 5 February 2021 our community tuned in for the 10th Annual Interaction Awards to celebrate winning projects from all over the world presented via a virtual gala celebration live-streamed thanks to this year’s exclusive Sponsor, Amazon Design.
Angel Anderson
Cast your vote for the People’s Choice Award before midnight on 4th February, 2021. Then tune in on 5th February, 2021, to see who wins at the LIVE Awards Ceremony! Anyone can watch for free on our Youtube channel!
Brenda Sanderson
IxDA is pleased to welcome Amazon Design as our exclusive partner in presenting the tenth anniversary edition of the Interaction Awards.

 This partnership demonstrates Amazon’s support of IxDA’s mission to improve the human condition through interaction design.
Angel Anderson
Raise a glass to the shortlist!

After several weeks of hard work by Peer Reviewers, the Awards team, and finally input from our esteemed 2021 Jury, we’re thrilled to share the 43 projects representing 21 countries that have been selected for inclusion into the 2021 Interaction Awards Shortlist!
Angel Anderson
If you entered work, you might be wondering what happens next and who decides the winners? 

There are many things that make the Interaction Awards unique and one of them is our judging process — a process that includes you and your expertise. You, the practitioner, are the voice of the IxDA community and we invite you to join us in selecting the best examples of interaction design excellence, first by joining the global peer review team and then again by voting for the People’s Choice Award. The process looks like this...
May-Li Khoe
We are beyond thrilled to announce the Jury for the 2021 Interaction Awards.
May-Li Khoe
I’m so excited to announce that this year, for the first time ever, IxDA is able to provide a discount for indie and non-profit submissions. Thanks to feedback from artist-designer April Soetarman, we realized that people working independently may not be able to enter without a bit of a boost. The team took this feedback and made it happen. We hope that it encourages those of you we know are out there, making magic happen on a shoestring budget, out of your own deep independent creative drive.
Angel Anderson
We’re happy to announce the new extended submission deadline of Sunday, 15 November at 11:59 PDT. If you’re worried that your work couldn’t compare, check out our last blog post for examples of why you should ignore that negative voice in your head.
Angel Anderson
You still might be hesitant to enter. Don’t be. We invite you to gently ignore that dialog in your mind that might be saying your work couldn’t compare.
Angel Anderson
The Jury Chair is one of the most vital roles for the Interaction Awards to fill each year – helping curate and lead the jury, while ensuring the very best work is recognized. This person also takes on the responsibility of accounting for diversity, and responding to submissions ethically in a way that reflects the global community.
Angel Anderson
We've launched a podcast, to discuss and celebrate our history of excellence in past award winners and share the intriguing stories that got them there.
Rob Nero
It is a new Awards year, and while it has been a unique and challenging year so far, the start of a new cycle has us reminiscing about the Awards in year's past.

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