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Janna DeVylder
Sep 4, 2013
Expressing with Interaction Design

We’d like to introduce you to Aaron Siegel and the category of Expressing.

Aaron is the Head of Interaction and Online Experience at Fabrica in Treviso, Italy. Read more about him and his work.

Expressing:  Encouraging self expression and/or creativity. 

We asked:

1. Why is it important for us to recognise Expressing in Interaction Design?

Creating new means to empower individuals with the ability to express themselves creatively is a difficult task requiring intensive thought and skilled implementation. Well designed new tools and platforms offer new mediums and methods for creative expression. The products of these tools propagate and a culture begins to develop around them that is focused primarily on creation, innovation and sharing. The continual change in design of the technologies that allow people to create new cultures is important and worth recognizing.

2.  What kind of projects come to mind when you think of Expressing?

Reactable –

Makey Makey –

Vine –

Three.js –

Thanks, Aaron! Looking forward to your perspective on the jury.

Can you see your work in this category? Looking for more inspiration? Take a look at the finalists from the past two years:


Paper, the 2013 Interaction Award Best in Category for Expressing. See all of the finalists and winners from 2013.


LoopLoop, the 2012 Interaction Award Best in Category for Expressing. See all of the finalists and winners from 2012.

What Interaction Design work do you think of when you think of “Expressing”?


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