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Niklas Mortensen
Oct 21, 2014
Call for Sponsorship
As the power to connect through technology transforms the world around us, the interaction designer becomes increasingly important, designing meaningful experiences that impact our work, play, and day-to-day lives, and shaping the ways in which we interact with products, services, companies, and cultures.
Coming into it’s fourth year, the IxDA Interaction Awards has already established itself as the leading awards program for our profession.
It reflects the diversity of the global interaction design community and need for a common recognition platform and standards of excellence that represent the wide breadth and impact of interaction design. The Awards initiative serves as a reference for the interaction design community and businesses alike to build upon in the coming years, and provides both professionals and students with tangible examples of the best work in field today.

The Interaction Awards is an embodiment of the IxDA mission of improving the human condition by advancing the discipline of Interaction Design. From the beginning of the initiative, the goal has been to elevate exemplar work from all over the world, connecting people and competence across borders. The last four years have proven there is a need for an arena to showcase the work being done all over the world, especially beyond the traditional strongholds of our profession and now we are looking for partners to take the not-for-profit awards program one step further.

For the inaugural years we have focused on year-by-year sponsorship, culminating at the annual Interaction Conference with a grand ceremony. We are now inviting the companies that make up the frontier of Interaction Design and user experience to join a 70,000+ community of practitioners and help the Interaction Awards to go above and beyond it’s mission. We are looking for companies to support a year-round initiative that will enable us to look beyond a single awards-season and enable us to create a truly global, truly democratic initiative.

As of this year we have taken considerable steps to lower the barrier of entry, first and foremost by allowing students from all over the world and professional entries from Zone 2 countries to submit one free entry, plus lowering the prices for subsequent submissions. Secondly the 2015 Interaction Awards will broaden the stage for excellence in interaction design with the introduction of the Interaction Design Yearbook – a showcase for all the good design work going on in interaction design around the world, not just the winning entries. All shortlisted entries will be showcased in the yearbook and will form part of a body of commentary, articles and discussion aimed at expanding our understanding of contemporary design practice and what ‘good’ looks like around the world.
If you or your company is interested in engaging with the Interaction Awards, download the sponsorship proposal or contact Co-Chairs Janna DeVylder and Niklas Mortensen

Key Figures

2014 Interaction Awards by numbers
350+ entries
65% professional entries
35% Students
92% Entries from Zone 1
8% Entries from Zone 2
Countries with most entries: USA, Great Britain, Netherlands.
Country with highest increase in entries: India
Most notable debutant country: Uganda

About IxDA
With more than 70,000 members and over 135 local groups around the world, the IxDA network actively focuses on interaction design issues for the practitioner, no matter their level of experience. The Interaction Design Association, a 501(c)6 not-for-profit and no- cost for membership organization, relies on its passionate members to help serve the needs of the international Interaction Design community. Help support
The 2015 Interaction Awards open in July 2014, and will be celebrated at the Interaction’15 Conference in San Francisco, California in February 2015. Previous Awards have been celebrated in Amsterdam (2014), Toronto (2013) & Dublin (2012).
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