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MJ Broadbent
Mar 5, 2016
And here are the winners!

We’re honored, delighted, and proud to announce this year’s winners representing excellence in interaction design.

The fifth annual Interaction Awards ceremony was held last night at the Apollo theater in Helsinki, Finland as part of the Interaction16 conference closing party where finalists and winners were honored on stage.

Wayfindr – Independent travel for blind people by ustwo (Professional, United Kingdom)
project details

Sensel Morph by frog design (Professional, United States)
project details

ANNA – breathing assistant by Umeå Institute of Design (Student, Sweden)
project details

Shortlisted project receiving the most online votes from the public 4 January – 3 March
NailSnaps by NailSnaps (Professional, United States)
project details

CONNECTING – Best in Category
Facilitating communication between people and communities
Edward M. Kennedy Institute by Intersection (Professional, United States)
project details

DISRUPTING – Best in Category
Re-imagining completely an existing product or service by creating new behaviors, usages or markets
Sensel Morph by frog (Professional, United States)
project details

EMPOWERING – Best in Category
Enabling people to go beyond their limits
Wayfindr – Independent travel for blind people by ustwo (Professional, United Kingdom)
project details

ENGAGING – Best in Category
Capturing attention, creating delight and delivering meaning
ANNA – breathing assistant by Umeå Institute of Design (Student, Sweden)
project details

EXPRESSING – Best in Category
Encouraging self expression and/or creativity
SquareTalk by Queensland University of Technology (Student, Australia)
project details

OPTIMIZING – Best in Category
Making daily activities more efficient
Kurbo by Cooper (Professional, United States)
project details

The 2016 Future Voice Award recipient, selected by Jury Chair Kim Goodwin, is the Government Digital Service (GDS) of the United Kingdom. GDS is honored for its exemplary culture change through design. Through openly communicating and sharing about their work, they provide an inspiring model for the U.S., Australia, and others.

On behalf of IxDA and the entire 2016 Interaction Awards team, we want to thank everyone who made this year’s Interaction Awards truly special. Particularly all you who entered the competition, jury chair and thought partner Kim Goodwin, the six wonderful jurors who gathered with us in New York City, our gracious jury weekend host Liz Danzico and the SVA MFA Interaction Design program, and all of the many IxDA volunteers who make our programs possible.

Congratulations to this year’s winners!

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