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May-Li Khoe
Nov 13, 2020
2021 Awards Jury Announced

We are beyond thrilled to announce the Jury for the 2021 Interaction Awards.

From our 2021 Jury Chair, May-Li Khoe:

Together, the Jury’s experiences represent fields from speculative design to game design; early to late stage careers; organizations in entertainment, education, business to business, and more; very early stage companies to very established institutions; hardware, software, art, activism, teaching; and everything in between. They also bring with them a vast array of intercultural perspectives and backgrounds, having straddled cultures, places, and fields, and having created change both with the margins and at the center. Above all, they each have a track record of embodying the spirit of investing in and creating community; in addition to their own design work, they’ve all founded or organized efforts that give back to our field and the world at large.



Catt Small

Brooklyn, NY, USA
Twitter  | LinkedIn |

Catt is a Product Designer at Asana, a game maker, and developer and co-organizer of the Game Devs of Color Expo. With a design career spanning over ten years, she has done design work for companies of all sizes including Etsy, SoundCloud, and Nasdaq. She is interested in ways to increase empathy through interactive media. Many of her personal projects focus on issues related to interpersonal relationships, self-expression, gender, and race.




Andrés Burbano

Bogotá, Colombia
Twitter |

Andrés is an Associate Professor of the Department of Design at the Universidad de los Andes. He is also a  researcher, and interdisciplinary artist whose work ranges from documentary video (in both science and art), to sound installation and telecommunication art. The spectrum of his research includes: media archaeology of Latin America, 3D-modelling of Photogrammetry technology and data-translation into digital media.




Dara Oke

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Twitter |

Dara is a Product Designer at Netflix and Founder of Afriquette – a media platform showcasing identity, culture, and creativity across Africa and its diaspora. Her career has included product and engineering at Microsoft, Twitter, Intel. Previously she lived and worked in West and Southern Africa, supporting early-stage startups, building creative community, and researching innovation and development across emerging and frontier markets.




Una Lee

Vermont, USA
Twitter | LinkedIn |

Una Lee is a graphic designer, co-design facilitator, and design justice advocate. Her designs have been stuffed in neighbourhood mailboxes, presented at the UN headquarters in Geneva, used to successfully exert political pressure on the Canadian House of Commons, and remixed in local community organizing efforts around the world. In addition to directing And Also Too, Una is also Allied Media Projects’ design director. She founded the Consentful Tech Project and is a co-founder of the Design Justice Network.




Ari Melenciano

Brooklyn, NY, USA
Twitter | LinkedIn |

Ari is the founder of Afrotectopia, a social institution fostering interdisciplinary innovation at the intersections of art, design, technology, Black culture and activism through collaborative research and practice. She is a designer, creative technologist and researcher who is passionate about the relationships between various forms of design and sentient experiences. She teaches creative technology and design at NYU ITP and the Pratt Institute’s Communications Design school.



Andrea Mignolo

San Francisco, CA, USA
Twitter | LinkedIn |

Andrea is a designer, speaker, and writer interested in systems, complexity, decoloniality, and learning. By day she is an executive coach who works with unconventional leaders to develop capacity, connect with inner knowing, cultivate power, and lead with clarity. By night she is the Vice President of the IxDA serving on the global Board of Directors. Prior to coaching, Andrea was a design and product executive at a number of start-ups, an English teacher at the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force, and the developer of the once-popular Oulipo WordPress Theme.



Join us cheering this incredibly badass jury and submit your work for consideration! Remember, the submission deadline is extended to Sunday, 15 November at 11:59 PDT so you still have time to enter your work!

Also! A reminder that we’ve expanded this year’s submission guidelines so you can submit in ANY language. Fees were reduced to make submission more affordable, and our content is being translated by a global mix of IxDA Local Leaders all over the world. All of this is part of our ongoing commitment to embodying inclusion and diversity to ensure all individuals and groups have equal opportunity to submit work and be reviewed.

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