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May-Li Khoe
Nov 8, 2020
Welcome Indie makers and designers!

Hello IxDA Community 👋🏽 


I’m so excited to announce that this year, for the first time ever, IxDA is able to provide a discount for indie and non-profit submissions. Thanks to feedback from artist-designer April Soetarman, we realized that people working independently may not be able to enter without a bit of a boost. The team took this feedback and made it happen. We hope that it encourages those of you we know are out there, making magic happen on a shoestring budget, out of your own deep independent creative drive.


Here’s a quick refresher on why submitting is a great idea:

  • Shortlisted entries receive 1 FREE registration to the Interaction 21 conference (this saves you a considerable amount of money!)
  • Winning and finalist work is added to a living library to help people discover the best work, the people behind it, trends, insights, and more – now and for history (so far… 10 years of it!)
  • Winning and finalist work is featured throughout the year through all of IxDA’s channels (great publicity)
  • Your work will be looked at carefully by other professionals, including the amazing jury we’re putting together, which can lead to great connections and future serendipity
  • The process of putting together your submission is a great way to reflect and tell the story of what you’ve been doing, something we often don’t do nearly enough (I am guilty of this)


The Interaction Awards both reflect and shape the field, and I’d love to see a spread of work that represents the amazing variety of what’s happening in interaction design today. This includes the fascinating design happening in games, play-related work, and projects outside the realm of digital design. I also hope to see more projects that creatively address inequitable structures, examining issues like surveillance capitalism and police brutality.


Remember: IxDA is committed to advancing the practice of Interaction Design, and your submissions help define what that means. From the About page: “We’re not a professional organization in the traditional sense: we don’t care if you call yourself an interaction designer or not.”


So, if your work involves designing interactions – whether those are between people and systems, people and game consoles, people and people, people and spaces, people and computers, people and objects, people and nature, even nature with nature – we want to see your work! 


The deadline is extended to Sunday, 15 November at 11:59 PDT so you have one more week to submit! 


Submit Now


“Winning the IxDA award helped me make KonneKt reality and bring it to over 220 hospitals in 18 countries.” – Job Jansweijer, Winner 2014


“Thanks to IxDA, my project got noticed a lot more and ended up being published in a book by the MIT Press.” – Sreyan Gosh, Finalist 2017


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