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Angel Anderson
Feb 10, 2021
And the winner is…

We’re honored to announce the Interaction Award winners for 2021!

On 5 February 2021 our community tuned in for the 10th Annual Interaction Awards to celebrate winning projects from all over the world presented via a virtual gala celebration live-streamed thanks to this year’s exclusive Sponsor, Amazon Design.


Watch the Awards!

The recording of the live ceremony in its entirety on the Interaction Awards YouTube channel. Enjoy delightful, real-time reactions from the winners, and catch moving presentations from:

  • 2021 Jury Chair May-Li Khoe and the entire 2021 Jury
  • IxDA Board President Kevin Budelmann
  • Awards co-founders Jenn Bove and Raphael Grignani
  • 2016 Jury Chair, Kim Goodwin
  • Surprise appearances from past winners and Awards Co-chairs
  • Master of ceremonies; 4-time author and co-chair of the very first Interaction Conference, Dan Saffer!


Complete list of winners for the 2021 Interaction Awards

Best in Category, Connecting
Bukas: Material Messages for Filipino Migrant Workers and their Transnational Families
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

Best in Category, Disrupting
Urinal Design to Cater Muslim Men Better do Istinja Ritual
Kohler Design Studio with Somia Customer Experience, Indonesia

Best in Category, Empowering
Basheer | Teaching computational thinking to novice-technology users
Indie Submission, Pakistan

Best in Category, Engaging
Sniffing out the Differences
Sniffing out the differences collective, India

Best in Category, Expressing
Planet Word, the world’s first interactive museum of language
Local Projects, United States

Best in Category, Optimizing
The Pearl Divers. A musical pavement that brings to life an old emirati tradition
Daily tous les jours, Canada

Future Voice
Feminist Coalition

People’s Choice
Public Math Postcards
Public Math, United States

Best Student
Agents of Action: Rebuilding the Future
Umeå Institute of Design, Netherlands

Best Concept
Paper Phone
Special Projects, England

Best in Show
Animo – Rehabilitation Game for Young Stroke Patients
Umeå Institute of Design, Sweden


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