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Interaction Awards
Mar 2, 2022
Announcing the 2022 Shortlist

Congratulations to all!

After several weeks of intense reviewing by our talented and hardworking peer reviewers, we’re excited to announce the shortlist for the 2022 Interaction Awards! Everyone who submitted projects contributed to the incredibly diverse body of work featured in our shortlist. Even if you didn’t make it this year, we value tremendously the work you put into your submissions. Our awards and our industry don’t exist without your ambition and dedication to the work we all do.

In our shortlist, you’ll see student concepts alongside professional work from around the world. Domains covered by our shortlist members include education, political discourse, health, creative arts, government, branding & marketing, social science, and music, to name a few. And most importantly, the audience that these projects aim to help and empower range from the young to old, from the social to the introverted, from the comfortable to those who need comforting.
We couldn’t be prouder to show off the incredible design talent setting their sights to take on the world’s problems.

Without further delay, here is our shortlist for the 2022 Interaction Awards!


Deep gratitude to our community volunteers. 
One of the many things that makes the Interaction Awards so special is the involvement of the community volunteers who help prepare a shortlist for the jury via intense peer review. Our gratitude also goes to the IxDA members who contributed their valuable time and stewardship to the peer review process.


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