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Interaction Awards
Jan 22, 2022
Submission deadline extended!

Your time to shine – Award Submission Deadline is 31 January 2022!

As you may have read from our vision, one of the biggest goals for Interaction Awards this year is to increase community outreach while promoting accessible and inclusive design. 

We want to encourage participation from all over the world, across every level of experience. To do this, we lowered the barrier to enter your projects. Entrants may submit their work in any language and videos with your submissions are optional. Every year, the IxDA community celebrates the winners of the Interaction Awards. As “the Oscars” of the Interaction Design industry, the Interaction Award is so prestigious that even to be a finalist bestows credibility to the designers, school, or company involved. They are, by the simple virtue of their selection, deemed to be the best.


Your work deserves consideration.

Winning the Interaction Award helps YOU stand out.

As each designer and entity (school, agency, or organization) strives to stand out in an increasingly competitive and changing market, winning the Interaction Award sets you apart from competitors and differentiates the quality of your achievements from others.

You might be working on an important, beautifully designed “thing” right now but no one will ever know that it’s best-in-class unless you have the courage to submit your work for an award.


“Winning the Interaction Award has helped us underline our experience and expertise in an increasingly challenging marketplace, it has also helped us win clients from around the world. Our award for Moot helped us engage with the Irish government to design, a major piece of state infrastructure and channel for delivery of govt services in Ireland.”

– Frank Long, Co-Owner & Director at
Winner 2018 – Moot – Make democracy great again


“Winning the IxDA award helped me make KonneKt reality and bring it to over 220 hospitals in 18 countries.”

– Job Jansweijer, User Experience Specialist at Valsplat
Winner 2014 – KonneKt: a social game for isolated children in the hospital


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