Hello bank! Live on- and offline co-creation



Production / Professional


Ron Hofer, Rainer Hohenberger, Manuela Risch, Meike Walter, Martin Bender, Fabian Klenk


BNP Paribas wanted to introduce a new banking brand, Hello bank! to several european markets. In Germany, Hello bank! will be sub brand within Cortal Consors (a BNP Paribas brand) portfolio. USEEDSĀ° was commissioned to design the launch campaign and workshop. Ou goal was, to position Hello bank! as the think tank for innovative ideas in the financial sector for banking customers. By involving existing customers from Cortal Consors and future customers from Hello bank! through various means, we wanted to communicate the user centered part of brand values.


The intended audience of this project were young and dynamic people, interested in financial topics, like the finance system or specific financial services. The whole campaign with website and active participation was designed, so that these people could be most active. With the first project step, receiving questions from customers about their bank, we made sure, that we talk and think about the right topics and solutions during the workshop. During the workshop, we made sure, that the community always understood, where we were and what we were doing to support great inputs from the community. And in the last phase, we ensured the selection of final services by a last voting process. So all services that came out were relevant to potential customers.


In numbers: During phase 1 (question phase) more than 1430 questions were being asked by the online community. These questions were liked more than 31.000 times. During the workshop, the community (current and future clients) was very active in giving input for the workshop. This way, a unique online co-creation event was hosted, in which the community could participate via before unknown channels (e.g. avatar). Furthermore, concrete results for Hello bank! were generated. 18 ideas for future banking services and products were scribbled in some detail. 6 out of those were detailed in a finer grain. In the end, the client was very happy with the project and is now actively working on evaluating and implementing some of the ideas. The feedback from customers also was very positive as they were able to shape ideas for future products.


Over the course of some month, we developed the launch campaign for Hello bank! together with our client. In the beginning, we thought of a few local events, spread all over Germany. During the process, we saw, that in order to communicate core brand values, we need to change course and involve customers a lot more. Cortal Consors trusted USEEDS only because of a long and successful collaboration between both parties. So both due to the longtime knowledge of the financial sphere and also USEEDS being an expert for maximum user involvement. Furthermore, idea quality – the concrete workshop output – was key. On the other hand, we wanted to enable as much interaction between both online and offline parts of the project. Therefore we thought of multiple ways to involve customers in all project phases. Thus, the unique concept of the avatar evolved into its final form to ensure both goals. Last but not least, to maximize involvement, the website was done as a responsive website.


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