L'Ecole de design Nantes AtlantiqueFrance


Production / Student


Adele Poirier, Alexandre Nicol, Alexandre Poirier, Inès Le Bihan

Project Description

Idle is an online service that helps users manage their job search. Our online platform allows you to create and maintain professional links with future employers.

We are a team of french graduates or soon to be. During our curriculum we interned and worked in various countries including : Chili, San Francisco, France and China. All of us faced the same challenges so we decided to gather around a same objective : making job searches less painful. We share the same passion for design, empathy and user experience.
No more Excel spreadsheets !

The first step of our project consisted in identifying the needs we were addressing. Young french graduates face organizational challenges when searching for their first full time job or internship.

  • Forget to follow up after an interview, and the opportunity is gone.
  • Miss a deadline, and the opportunity is gone.
  • Apply twice to the same offer, and the opportunity is gone.

There are dozens of offline and online tools proposing to match graduates’ profile with potential employers. None of them offers to aggregate the different actions in one place.


Idle makes job search smoother for young graduates, between 19 and 27 years old.. We offer our users the possibility to follow up discussions, maintain and grow their relationship with future employers.

  • On the collection page users can see, organize and add companies in their interest lists.
  • On the diary page users gather emails, notes, calls, feedbacks and can go further along the avenues explored

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