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Kidaptive, creator of an award-winning iPad app for preschool learners, tapped frog’s venture design services to create a companion experience for parents to engage in their child’s learning process. The result was Learner Mosaic, a mobile app for parents that offers insights about their preschooler’s development and personalized recommendations to support the child’s progress.

Kidaptive’s first product, the Leo’s Pad Enrichment Program, is an iPad app that immerses preschoolers in a series of learning games and puzzles. As a child plays Leo’s Pad, Kidaptive’s Adaptive Learning Platform collects data and surfaces insights about the child’s progress. The insights come together to form a unique mosaic of the young learner, showing how the child is developing across dozens of skill areas, and highlighting where they shine or may need guidance.

Because a parent is a child’s first and most important teacher, Kidaptive asked frog to design an app that would harness data from its Adaptive Learning Platform and curate key insights for parents. The objective was to make it easy for parents to participate more actively in their child’s learning and development, even when confronted with busy schedules.

frog began by interviewing parents and testing feature concepts to inform and inspire the design process. We learned that while parents want to know what their child is learning when they play educational games, they have limited time for parenting apps. Accordingly, while parents value information on their child’s progress and input from trusted advisors, they need simple, clear, and specific guidance in order to best support their child’s learning and development.

These observations about parents are reflected in frog’s design of Learner Mosaic. The app offers parents quick, meaningful tips and personalized activity suggestions, helping them thoughtfully and substantively shape their child’s learning experience.

To enable parents to engage effectively, we created four categories of actions that they can take with their child, ranging from simply celebrating an educational accomplishment to offering more focused support. The app recommends specific actions parents can take based on how a child is progressing within a particular skill area. For example, if the child is learning about shape recognition on Leo’s Pad, Learner Mosaic might suggest that the parent spend time tracing or making puzzles with their child to augment their learning experience with hands-on activities.

Designed to evolve with each child’s play, Learner Mosaic also grows more powerful with every new release on Kidaptive’s Adaptive Learning Platform. By turning daily interactions into meaningful learning moments, then weaving these together into a holistic view of a child’s progress, frog and Kidaptive are engaging parents to help young learners thrive.


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