project MURA

Royal College of Art/ Imperial College LondonUnited Kingdom


Concept / Student


Jolita Mo, Lori Ho, Wenxi Li, Kicheol Pak


4 million people take the tube everyday, making it the most heavily used mode of transport in London. The tube can be a world of unspoken signals and gestures: while people say little when they are traveling, there might be a lot going on inside—fears of danger, stereotypical assumptions or anger at being unfairly distrusted.

All this contributes to high tensions among tube travellers.

But what if this experience could be different? Can there be a way to make passengers feel more at ease and to create a more positive tube experience?

project MURA is an experimental and interactive musical experience that aims to change the interpersonal dynamics in the London Underground.

Through encouraging collaboration and using music as the medium, project MURA’s goal is to break the tension and to evoke a momentary feeling of trust among passengers. It is comprised of a musical system that involves a soundscape generated through the collective taps of oyster card and musical handrail control components on the tube.

Ultimately, project MURA aspires to create a better sense of community among commuters.


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