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Looking at popular culture, there hasn’t been this much nostalgia for the 90s in a long time. Stranger Things is bringing back the classic horror aesthetic, Full House got a reboot for another season, and the popularity of shows like Modern Family are showing the love we all collectively feel for the 90s. And let’s face it: nothing is more iconic of the 90s than the sitcom. And in particular, the sitcom montage intro. We wanted people to be able to relive the glory of the TV shows that defined the 90s and to participate in those corny, ridiculous, yet oh-so-loved intros. So we built an app for it.

Sitcomd lets users create their own sitcom intros complete with all the corny music, rapid cuts, and comic sans of the original 90s sitcom intros – but this time, they’re the stars. Sitcomd makes it easy for users to record videos of themselves and their friends, then edit them together into an intro for their very own 90s-inspired TV show. With a variety of theme packs emulating everything from Fresh Prince to Full House, Sitcomd puts a modern spin on the classic 90s sitcom intro – and puts it in the hands of users today.

With Sitcomd, the user is the director for their own TV show, recording funny videos of them and their friends, then makes it simple to share those videos with the world. Users can record video directly within the app or upload pre-recorded video, letting them combine Sitcomd with other popular apps like Snapchat. And once the videos are cut together, users get a hilarious 30-second spot of a sitcom intro starring them and all their friends, letting them relive the glory days of the 90s, tell their own story, and more importantly, share some laughs.


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