MUSY (music easy) – Brings simplicity back to music

Royal College of ArtUnited Kingdom


Concept / Student


Ching Man Lam (Keri)


MUSY is an all-in-one music player for senior adults who wish to enjoy a wide selection of music available online, but feels hindered by complex interfaces of music applications. It eliminates the direct use of a digital application and relies on a physical device with a simple and interactive design. To play music, users can simply place the block on the speaker’s platform, with each of the surfaces referring to a designated playlist created through MUSY.

A lot of elderly are very keen on staying connected to their family‚Äôs lives and habits through digital platforms, yet the ever-changing technology has become a dividing barrier for them. Over 50% of aged 75 are internet user from 2007 (Laurie M. Orlov, 2016), at the same time some of them are dueling with physical problems that limited their usage of daily life. From connecting to the internet, downloading an application, registering an account to exploring the app’s functionality, the use of a smart device complicate a simple task – listening to music.

MUSY can be personalized for your beloved one. You can personalized the playlists illustrations so that they can easy to visualize it , color of the block or even the material of the speaker. It is easy to set up, share and edit your playlist just with simple moves. MUSY is not only a music player but also a way to show your care to your family members.


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