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Abhishek Kumar, Rina Shumylo, Raphael Katz, Juliana Lewis, Sareena Avadhany



The design process with researching the issues and pain-points of newly arrived immigrants in Denmark. Our team conducted in-depth interviews with new refugees, as well as organizations that work with immigrants to understand their needs and challenges. Our research revealed that newcomers in Denmark often feel lost when they arrive in the country, and cannot filter through the many organizations and services that are offered.
Our challenge was to explore how we might guide newly arrived immigrants through the multiple and scattered opportunities—provided by private companies, NGOs, and government organizations—in a way that acknowledges their individual needs and helps to ease the transition. The goal was to help and assist refugees in a more personal and effective way while they integrate into the local culture, community and workplace.


Hatch is a platform for refugees that unifies access to all of their available integration opportunities provided by private companies, NGOs, and government organizations. Hatch supplies refugees with personalized services, providing what they need, tailored to them as individuals and their unique situations. Hatch empowers refugees to rebuild their livelihood and fully integrate into the Danish society. The platform helps newcomers realize their potential and build a better future in the country.
For refugees, Hatch offers access to the app that works as an assistant equipped with a conversational user interface. Once a newcomer sets up a profile on the app with ID number, we automatically receive basic information about the person from the Immigration Service and Danish Refugee Council. Following this, Hatch system powered by AI asks the refugee tailored questions, which then serve to figure out the specific user’s needs. The system collects and groups all of the user’s inputs to create and constantly update a profile to manage data in an effective way. Based on the user’s profile, Hatch will match the user with a selected network of organizations, providing programs and services for integration, volunteering, and employment. Furthermore, the system assists in getting into contact with organizations—consolidating conversations and meetings in one place—transforming a once-complicated process into a friendly and personal experience.
Also, Hatch hand-delivers a customized welcome kit—equipped with hand-picked items that suit their needs and interests. The items in the box are donated from our brand partners.

For the partners, Hatch provides a framework to specifically target newcomers who need their services. The system helps to save time and other resources to get access to their audience, establish the first contact, and host conversations through one channel. Hatch creates a system for organizations to support immigrants and meet their goals in a simple and efficient way.


Refugees have been through a lot, and we don’t want to make them scour websites and scattered services endlessly to see what kind of integration offerings are out there. By offering both a welcome box filled with tangible goods, and connecting them directly with relevant services and organizations in Denmark, Hatch provides refugees a much needed helping hand during a very difficult period in their lives.


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