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Greg Carley, Heather Hildebrand, Hawk Thompson, Elliot Dahle, Michelle Adams, Erica Ochoa, Tony Matejek, Molly Gardner, Manny Gonzalez, Bobby St. Aubin, Briana Gray, TJ Phillips, Michael Sparks, Hunter Woodlee, Ankur Mathur


The SEAR iPhone App is a proof-of-concept that provides shoppers easy awareness to the best products that match their lifestyle, increases convenience, enables discovery and creates serendipity to deliver on the promise of connected grocery stores at a glance using augmented reality (AR). The 365 by Whole Foods Market stores already represent the future of grocery with a modern technology backend foundation that also provide existing APIs to data from partners including and , allowing for an extension of meaningful information to occur right at the customer’s fingertips. This touchpoint also incorporates the Electronic Price Labels from to precisely anchor the AR content in a compelling way to the shopper… demonstrating how delightful, yet powerful this technology can enhance the in-store customer experience.

If you have ever tried to start a new diet, had a doctor or medical reason to change what you eat, then you will understand how brilliant this POC really is. Knowing whether a products meets all your preferences and priorities or not a glance is so simple, it will change behaviors for the better on how shopping for groceries can be done. See our lifestyle video for a quick use case on how we brought this to life:

We also focused the concept on how we could shorten the distance between customers and information. The experience dynamically changes to best match the information shoppers should see based on distance from products. The features and functions of the app are all specific to the distance range the customer is viewing. The UI and content is displayed to support the notion of quick glances so users are never walking around staring at AR. All detail views switch to a card view that locks to the screen for normal phone viewing behavior.

We also have a full write-up including some of the live footage of the demo presented at SXSW 2018.


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