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Embodied Interaction in an Augmented Reality Narrative Experience.

A love letter to stories:

Our enduring love of story is deeply rooted in how we make sense of the world. It is at the core of the human experience. Our minds narrate life as it un- folds before us. Story is a tool we use to share our inner worlds with each other. Through a good tale, fable, or yarn, we can enrich the lives of those around us.How we tell stories has changed over the course of history. Contemporary society is saturated in imagery and chatter. We have never had as much access to mediums in which we can consume stories. With one click you are online, and at your disposal are the millions of opinions, stories, updates and imagery.

There is a yearning for something more meaningful in our interactions with each other and society. This project seeks to look at how an enjoyable immersive experience could be created with Augmented Reality. How could a story be told in an augmented environment and how can it become an experience that separates itself from the transient chatter of social media and satiates the hunger we all have for ‘content’.

Once, going to a film was a means to suspend your disbelief. You left your everyday life at the door and became immersed in new worlds. Now we can immerse ourselves in even more tactile environments. Sitting in a dark cinema seat means we participate in the story with our spectatorship. Augmented Reality offers more than spectatorship. It allows stories to come alive in the physical world and become living, breathing entities that we can walk around, feel, touch and belong in. The nature of AR lets us place imagination into the real world around us and create magical experiences.

This project seeks to examine how an immersive experience that is surreal and odd but grounded in reality could bring people away from static head- sets and small phone screens towards participating in a living story. The user is invited to traverse unknown worlds that are rooted in the real. They will encounter new digital experiences in the presence of the physical world.They will occupy a liminal state; between fiction and reality.

This project is one very small look into what could be, however as the technology to power Augmented Reality becomes more consumable – the fidelity of the digital layers we can create as designers will be- come as varied as genres like painting, graphic design or visual effects in cinema. Here lies the possibilities for endless stories to be told in rich, arresting environments.


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