Think, Talk and Play! NORI NURI

Yonsei UniversityKorea


Concept / Student


Doyeon Ku, Yoonjin Choi, Soheum Hwang


We all have our favorite childhood toy that we used to play with everyday. However, for children today, it is no longer a toy but a favorite internet game. Nowadays, children are using media 167 minutes a day in average in Korea. Parents cannot resist the temptation of giving smartphones to their children because they know the device will make them quiet as quickly as possible. Especially in public places, when children start to give tantrums, mobile devices lighten their parenting burden right away. We are fully aware that it is almost impossible to ban children’s media usage. Instead of completely banning them, our team let the children use it in a better way. What we made, Nori Nuri is establishing proper media usage habit for children and at the same time creating positive impact.
Nori Nuri is a 1:1 play-education service with live characters that encourages children’s media interaction. Each 30-minute-long program is showed live by showing the teacher as a friendly character. Based on four main Nori Nuri curriculum: cognitive thinking, social interaction, safety education and health education, parents can choose the program and the character that their children will play with. Nori Nuri links qualified teachers and transform them into characters for children, like a remote baby sitter. These qualified teachers are mainly twenties who are looking for efficient part-time jobs that are not time-consuming but are quite profitable. Also, there is an increasing demand in twenties for part-time jobs that they can do in their spare time. Nori Nuri will be connecting these two demands, as well as ensuring trust for parents in taking care of their children.
Nori, an otter who dreams of building a big house and his friend Nuri, a sparrow who wants to live with her friend, interacts with the child. With Nori and Nuri having unique backgrounds, they can arouse children’s interest. Nori Nuri program consists of video animation, conversation with Nori and Nuri, and various activities that promote action. They can be done either outside or inside home, in various environments. Furthermore, these classes are recorded and can be saved in order to ensure trust between teachers and parents.
Nori Nuri beta version has been tested with 2 children: a 6 year-old boy and a 5 year-old girl. The 2 prototypes were made in specific detail as if they were real curriculum that can be provided for teachers and parents. The children read a book with Nori and Nuri and answered some questions afterwards. They also played with the character by decorating the activity sheets with provided stickers. They both showed interest on the characters in the screen and actually recognized them as their ‘friend’.


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