Code Red – Break the Stigma

MIT Institute of DesignIndia


Concept / Student


Pradnya Dhavalikar Raashi Bhandari


Code red is aimed at breaking the stigma around menstruation and creating conversation around it, in a subtle but effective way.
After a study, we came to the conclusion that the real problem lies in the lack of awareness and education in pre-adolescents and adolescents.
Hence, we believed that creating a game would help us tackle all these problems at an elementary level, thereby helping us secure our girls’ freedom and future.
The game revolves around period cycles, stimulated with the use of an hour glass. The game is over when each player completes 10 period cycles, a metaphorical representation of menopause.
The game is based on real life situations and the problems faced by women during menstruation.
We believe that while the world has completely immersed itself in digital media, it is important to go back to our roots and teach children to have fun without a digital screen in front of them. Hence, we created a board game.
To stick to the theme of our game, we used cloth bags for all the elements and hand stitched our board.
The other elements, like cards, rule book and money have been printed after digitally designing them.
We believe that there are far too many stereotypes regarding menstruation, and the only way to break them is when we talk, understand and reciprocate as a nation.


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