Coie- Companion in emergencies

Umea Institute of DesignSweden


Concept / Student


Ashutosh Biltharia, Nancy Valerdi, Jacob Emil Ingemann Jensen, Mario Kapsalis


Panic attack a form of mental disorder, if not treated on time, can lead to panic disorder. According to the data, a panic attack is the most common mental disorder which affects 2-4% population in Europe. In the US panic disorder affects 6 million adults or 2.7% of the U.S. Population. Women are twice as likely to be affected as men. Panic disorder typically strikes in young adulthood. Roughly half of all people who have panic disorder develop the condition between ages 20-30.

Coie is an interactive product which impacts the lives of adults. It is a companion for young adults during panic attack emergencies. With the designed sound, light pattern-color and haptic feedback, it helps them stimulate the sense of hearing, sight, and touch and simultaneously guides in deep breathing which eventually helps them calm down at the time of an attack.

Coie includes an interactive product with an inductive charging base. At the time of an emergency, it can be switched on with a smooth press. Once ON, Coie auto connects with the Bluetooth headphones. Users can shift their focus from panicking thoughts and listen to their preferred sound and/or see visuals of light pattern and color to concentrate and to follow a guided breathing cycle. Also, the haptics provided by surface finish, texture, softness, and vibration help stimulate the sense of touch, which makes them feel grounded.

It has been thoughtfully created for all levels of severity (mild, moderate and intense) of panic attacks. Three stimuli- sound, visual, haptic can give feedback to the user all at the same time and can work as individual feedbacks as well. Designed to be rather a lifestyle product than a medical product, its varied color options, look and feel and interactive features make it desirable. The Proposition was not only to promote and celebrate its use to help overcome panic attacks without any hesitation but also to create a better society by educating peers about the phenomena of panic attacks. Therefore others can develop empathy for the people who deal with those.

In many countries, panic attacks are not even recognized as a medical condition. Initially considered as a stressful situation and gradually leading to occur out of the blue, this chronic condition with relapses leads to much distress and social dysfunction.

Our goal is to help young adults cope with panic attacks to improve their well-being and to help them live a better life by being fearless and confident individuals in society.


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