Davinci Surgery Robot Game

Britelite immersive inc.United States


Concept / Professional


Patrice Speed Jenny Beatty Daniel Henning Mat Citarella Ryan Lotz John Fesenko Sean Metcalf Sean Turner Prerna Satija Marcus Veloso Lauren Atkinson Daniil Tabacari


our team had weekly meetings with the surgery board of the hospital giving them a chance to help guide the functionality, and the team even attended a live surgery where the robot was being used. During the Gala several surgeons from the hospital were able to use the experience we built and were amazed by how accurate it felt.

We decided to use a Multitaction table as a host for this experience because it is a very unique and responsive way to build interaction. Multitaction tables use not only touch interactivity, but object recognition and feducial tracking. Feducials are custom physical objects that have tracking codes on the bottom. By reading the tracking codes the table was able to sense what object was being used, where the object was on the table, as well as its orientation. We created custom interactive feducials that tied in with the hospital branding to act as the interface for the surgery robot. By moving, twisting and taping the feducial marker the user went through all steps that are included in a Davinci surgery.

In order to track guest progress and make sure the experience was as intimate and personalized as possible we created Bluetooth wristbands that the guests could use to interact with all the installations at the Gala as well as track their progress on the various interactive experiences. The Davinci game tracked the players success via patient heart rate, time it took to perform the surgery, the way a player handled randomly generated complications and the accuracy of cuts and other surgical procedures. Guests were then given a score and put on the leader-board for the game. With practice some of the guests were even able to score higher than the actual surgeons.

Overall the Davinci experience did a fantastic job of immersing donors in the real world results of their contributions. Donors were able to actually feel the difference that they made and this experience, as well as several others that we produced, let the hospital to exceed their funding goals.


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