Dell Technologies x McLaren Racing: Driven by Data

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Getting “pitched at” by salespeople – it’s every businessperson’s nightmare. The endless stats and specs. The dubious claims. The whitepapers. The completely unrelatable examples. The sheer boredom of hearing the same material, delivered in the same language, over and over.

It seems that when it comes to B2B marketing, most brands forget that their buyers are people, too. Which means that the same kinds of emotional and sensory stimuli that can get their attention and help them decode dense information when making personal decisions are relevant when they are making business decisions, as well. Business pitches, no matter the complexity, are more memorable and effective with when they’re engaging and exciting, and when they’re delivered wrapped in an emotional story.

This is certainly true for enterprise technology managers, who are inundated with documentation when looking for hardware and services partners.

This insight is at the core of this project, “Dell Technologies X McLaren Racing: Driven by Data,” and is why we believe it is an outstanding candidate for recognition in the IxDA Awards “Engaging” category. Here’s some more detail.

Dell Technologies is tightly integrated with the McLaren Racing team, providing hardware, software, processing, storage and security to every part of the racing ecosystem—from sensors on the vehicle, to laptops on desks globally, to server hardware in the back office data centers. From harvesting, communicating, and processing data in real time on race day and powering split-second decisions, to securing and crunching information globally after race day to help improve future performance, Dell Technologies solutions form a core foundation of the racing team.

The exciting subject matter and the deep, end-to-end integration meant this partnership provided an opportunity to engage enterprise technology managers —prospective clients—in a way that they’re not accustomed to: through a case study that was actually thrilling.

Partnering with our client and their customer, we set out to create a case study that was much more like a racing simulation than a white paper. This completely interactive story lets users understand how Dell Technologies solutions help power the racing team in simulated real time. As users explore the vehicle and facilities, they can see firsthand how Dell Technologies solutions help drive performance.

We believe this is a unique, rich and engaging digital experience that is also simple and intuitive. It is like no other tech case study. By creating an interactive simulation that deploys the sensory thrill of the race track to deliver the hard facts of the partnership story, we were able to deliver the case study to the end user in a way that inspires a desire to work with such an interesting and exciting partner, while also inspiring confidence, understanding and even affinity and purchase intent.

We hope you enjoy this experience as much as we enjoyed making it, and we hope you agree it is an outstanding candidate in the “Engaging” Category.


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