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Aprajita Aprajita


How can we facilitate conversations around Child abuse, to empower children and parents in a better way, and cease the taboo that revolves around it?

Do-da-Deed is a conversational tool in the form of a physical board game which provides a platform for parents and children to engage in a conversation around abuse to educate children in a better way. The game uses a process of action-and-response, providing children with a set of alarming circumstances, against a number of responsive actions. This decision-making role play allows the child to recognize and transfer these responses to real-life circumstances, encouraging awareness of abusive situations.

GAMEPLAY: Every-time a child randomly picks a situation from a deck of cards presenting a mix of positive and negative situations, consisting of three things i.e. Activity, Location, and Person who is doing the activity. Making every situation contextually defined.

All the children have to place their reaction by choosing out of the options given in the game. But to move forward in the game they all should choose the same appropriate reaction. The correct reaction for a situation is judged by facilitator i.e parents. when children are not able to come to a consensus and end up choosing different reaction for a given situation, it creates an opportunity for discussion around a situation between parents and children and among children them-self. This way game tries to educate children “How to judge a situation” and to provide an environment where the child feels comfortable to talk about it.

PROCESS: Extensive research in the form of the personal interview was conducted with parents and children. These structured qualitative interviews helped understand the perception, motivation and obstacle parents face in addressing the issue with children. Insights gathered from the interviews and desk research acted as the guiding lights which helped in defining the key design goals for the solution.

The solution was then tested with parents and the feedback gathered helped to fathom the acceptability of the solution as well as where design need iteration. After multiple rounds of usability testing and design iteration, the final solution came out to be a board game with a deck of cards and tokens to play.

Special attention was given to the fact, that while playing and addressing the issue it should not create or leave any negative feeling in the child’s mind. To cater to this, All the safety measures are grouped together like road safety, hygiene, etc along with the potential scenarios of abuse presented in the form of situation. These situations are served with a pinch of surprises and fun in the game to keep the positive fun energy around, creating an environment where child abuse ceases to be a taboo.

Do-da-Deed uses design to engage parents and children and to demystify an issue which makes many awkward, making it the right fit for the category.


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