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Thea Betts, Lucas Coelho, Ben Morreau, Lana Shatonova, Bruno Pedrosa, Sahan Dissanayake, Graeme Dowie, Antonio Iaccarino, Crystal Lin, Connor Thomsen, Chonny Iamsrithong, Amanda Lee, Lisa Trapp


Estimates suggest that in New Zealand 25 million native birds are killed each year by rats, stoats and possums. These stats clearly show we still have a long way to go in order to reach the governments goal to be pest free by 2050.

Goodnature had built a great physical trap but also encountered problems during use that had to be addressed:
– Trappers didn’t realise that sometimes strikes/kills had occurred on their trap. The kill was often scavenged by other animals such as cats, dogs, other rats & possums.
– Goodnature staff had difficulty understanding the data collected. It was unverified, unsorted and manual which meant that they could not accurately report on high-level trapping efforts.
– Community groups and councils were keen to engage with Goodnature but needed additional visibility/management on groups of traps rather than one single trap.

We could solve these issues through a smart blend of hardware and software. Together we designed, built and launched an intelligent data platform that empowered a large network of trappers and community groups throughout the country. Through the platform users can set-up and install their chirp enabled traps, collect kill data, share traps with others and understand how their humane kills play a part within a wider environmental mission.

The platform itself consists of two core applications:

1. The Chirp app.
For trappers to download and connect with their Goodnature A24 Rat and Mouse Trap with Chirp. The app connects to the trap via the Chirp beacon in its cap and acts as a digital bridge between trap and owner. Once connected the user can monitor the trap, collect kills on their own traps and other traps (through silent background collection), share the trap with loved ones/community groups who may need access and become involved within a wider trapping network.

2. The Chirp dashboard.
Designed for community groups and councils that need to monitor a larger network of traps we created a dashboard in order to manage and visualise. Here admin can set up, collect, monitor and analyse a number of traps set up by their trappers (using the Goodnature chirp app) within certain areas of local forest, coastland or bush. It allows them to consume all trapping data, understand group and individual trap performance and generate reports to make better decisions about where/how they invest in pest control.

The Goodnature platform launched late last year in New Zealand (with further plans to roll out globally) and with collected data we can see that trappers and community groups on our platform have killed thousands of pests all over New Zealand. This means our community has protected a substantial amount of native plant and wildlife for us all to enjoy.

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