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Smart Displays with the Google Assistant are a new category of ambient devices that bring the helpfulness of the Google Assistant to an all-in-one display for the home. The Nest Hub and the Nest Hub Max are Google’s first Smart Displays. With a 7-inch display, Ambient EQ technology, and no camera, they blend into any room. The Nest Hub Max is designed for communal spaces where family and friends gather. The 10-inch HD display and built-in Nest Cam camera enables new experiences with video calling, quick gestures, and personalized help through Face Match and proactive notifications.
Designing ambient, multimodal experiences for the home required rethinking traditional interaction patterns. We designed a simplified interaction model that focused on glanceable content, quick gestures, and smart timeouts rather than navigation and precision. By combining voice, touch, and quick gestures you can choose the interaction modality that best fits the moment. Holding bags of groceries? Use your voice! Loved one sleeping? Use touch! Pause the loud music? Use a quick gesture! The home can be a hectic place and our goal was to provide help in the moment so you can get on with life.

Connecting people in the home

Mobile computing, fast internet, and social media have made our modern world more connected than ever before. Yet research shows that these technologies can leave people feeling isolated and stressed.

We designed Smart Displays like Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max to be shared, communal devices that connect people in the home. Inspired by conventional home organization tools like bulletin boards and refrigerator notes, we created a simple, streamlined interface that allows members of the same house to effortlessly share notes and assign reminders.

To facilitate connections, we focused on experiences that lend themselves to building relationships, enjoying memories, and sharing experiences. People can use video calling on the Nest Hub Max to easily reconnect face-to-face with loved ones near and far. Family members can reminisce together by using the photo frame feature on their device. These experiences engage the whole family and spark real-world conversations, instead of drawing them into passive consumption.

We also considered different generations. Grandparents who live apart can still watch their grandchildren grow up thanks to photos shared to their photo frame. The whole family can bond over games, animals, jokes, and songs through an engaging multi-sensory experience that leverages the screen, voice, and sound effects.


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