Ground Control

School of Visual ArtsUnited States


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Glenda Capdeville


Reading isn’t a straightforward task for everyone. 1 in 10 American students has attention deficit disorder (ADD), and they have problems with staying focused, organizing their thoughts, and remembering details—all of which impact reading comprehension.

ADD makes learning by reading difficult and time-consuming. It is especially hard on high school students because the amount of reading increases drastically at this age and is required in all subjects for academic success. Currently, there is a lack of tools that support learning through reading and coping with their challenges. The most platform takes for grand that reading is a simple task. How might we help students with ADD to concentrate on reading tasks?

Ground Control is a tablet application that encourages students with ADD to stay on track and transforms reading into an empowering experience. Through an integrated note-taking system and haptic feedback, this digital reading environment helps students identify and quickly recover from distracting behaviors.

The app can be adapted to match each individual student’s pace and preempts frustrations through peer-generated sharing and assistance. With Ground Control, students strengthen concentration and build awareness around their reading habits and become more confident learners.

Through inclusive design, Ground Control was built to the bridge of lack of support that educational materials offer to students with learning disabilities. For this category, it is empowering students to learn in the better way that they need to cope with their challenges and grow the senses of self-reliance. In this new reading environment, the students with ADD feel less dependent on their teachers and learn in their pace.


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