School of Visual ArtsUnited States


Concept / Student


Agnes Sunyoung Yoon, Chi-Ching Tsai, Cheonhyun Park, Hanzheng Wang


What happens in the current political news reading experience is users will subscribe and read the news and the media based on their interests. What the worst is, to improve the stickiness and catch up user’s attention, companies also use the algorithm to feed the news, which fits the user’s interests. Over time, it creates a filter bubble or echo chamber, in which users could only receive the information which they believe, causing the intensification of the political polarization.

To create a healthier political reading experience, Libra reimagines the news reading experience from different perspectives. Also, with the help of the media bias map, readers could read political news from the different perspective areas in the map to get a more comprehensive understanding. Reading history could also help readers to understand their reading behaviors better.

With increasing conflict and violence between two parties caused by political polarization, people start to lose trust in the news media. We believe Libra could reshape their news reading behavior and create a new market of news reading. We believe Libra is a revolutionary product that would help solve the current wicked problem of society.


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