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Accenture Interactive : Christian Souche, Adam Kerj, Carla Nykopp, Coline Doebelin, Alexandre Naressi Stockholm Exerghi : Thomas Gibson


250,000 live alone in Stockholm, many of who live in unwanted loneliness. This has a profound impact on their mental health and wellbeing, and might lead to depression, accelerated early stage dementia, and even suicide. We wanted to help one of Sweden’s largest energy suppliers, Stockholm Exergi change this situation, as they’re known for its social sustainability work “Making Stockholm Warmer, For Everyone”.

After 2 years of research on Natural Language Understanding, we created the world’s first tool and innovation to collect and save stories via smart speakers – The Memory Lane. The tech solution is platform agnostic and works across both Google Home and Amazon Alexa, running on the cloud in a secured and encrypted private environment. It’s an artificial intelligence innovation that will contribute to making society more socially sustainable and inclusive. We installed Memory Lane voice assistants in participants’ homes and it instantly sparked self-perpetuating, personal conversations.
Memory Lane is the world’s first reverse engineered voice assistant that can drive meaningful conversations and ask personal questions. It’s an artificial intelligence innovation that will contribute to making society more socially sustainable and inclusive.

Memory Lane has resulted in the world’s first podcast series, where our voice assistant has conversations with people that share their life stories and memories. These conversations also generated the world’s first books, co-authored by artificial intelligence and the participants of the Memory Lane Project. They are a manifestation of how we together can make Stockholm a warmer, more socially sustainable and inclusive city.

The Memory Lane Project is connecting people and all generations. Every day, people are connected to the artificial intelligence Memory Lane to sharing memories by discussing with the device. It’s a new presence for isolated people. It’s also a wonderful invention to share memories and histories with families.


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