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Lead : Paul-Mehdy M'Rabet - Data consulting Yuliya Samul - Service Designer Tech : Matthieu Marseille - Front Developer Martin Keogh - Back-End Developer Pieyre Le-Loher - Data Scientist Mhammed Souissi - Data Engineer Nathan Revaille - Data Engineer Design : Nicolas Hemet - Ux Designer Pauline Tuyeras - UI Designer Nhat Minh Phan - UI Designer


We have worked on an innovative solution for the logistic field that optimise and simplify the logistic operators work. That is why we are participating iXDA challenge in the “Optimizing” category with our project “Optimizer”.

Context :
Since globalization has increased the activity of goods importation and exportation, the logistic cells have to handle an increasing number of requests for transport (air travel, sea travel, road travel etc.). The transportation logistics can cost up to tens of thousands of euros each year for the big exporters. That is why each optimization in the process of handling the requests can lead to huge benefits timewise and money-wise.

As of today, each operator in a logistic cells handles between 100 and 600 transport requests per day and considers between 1000 and 5000 paths possibilities.

The goal for the operator is to minimise the cost while preserving the quality of services and delivery delays.

The operators usually finds solutions based on their work habits without being able to explore all the possibilities since there are usually thousands of possible paths for each request. Moreover, these tasks can be very time consuming because of the lack of proper planning tools : a lot of paperwork, multiple applications and maps, etc.

As a consequence, the operators don’t have the time to put the effort in their real missions : handling the incidents and follow up of the critical events

Proposition :
We have created a tool for logistics operators to optimise the planification of goods transportation. Thanks to an optimized algorithm developed by MFG’s data scientists, our solution can take multiple parameters into account :

  • Physical constraints of the goods (weight, volume, etc.)
  • Regulations constraints (temperature, risk of explosion, etc.)
  • Delivery delays requested by the client (anticipate the travel time)
  • Different level of service requested
  • Cost of each services

We have designed a fast and user friendly interface for the operators that allows the planning of hundreds of goods transportation in seconds (instead of several hours).

Benefits :
The tool suggests relevant goods grouping that will take into account all the constraints while providing the best solution from an economical point of view. Our solution helps to save money on transportation, but also to be more environmentally friendly, by ensuring that each transport is well filled and avoiding half empty carriage. For the logistic operators, it’s a simple and user-friendly interface that is simplifying their everyday job. It’s also a time saving solution that allows them to focus on their main mission.


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