Otto – Improving daily asthma management

Umeå Institute of DesignSweden


Concept / Student


Birnur Sahin Selvi Olgac Gabriel Uggla


For many asthmatics, the daily routines of asthma management can be a complex process entailing; monitoring the condition, logging results and inhaling the medicine in the right way. Life-long treatment often has a huge impact on people’s daily life. For an asthmatic regular, the measuring of one’s condition and tracking in the long term, is crucial to learn their own triggers. With several products and routines, living with asthma can be a constant daily challenge. Otto creates one seamless experience and redefines the asthma treatment process.

Combining the essential steps of the treatment into one flow, Otto helps patients to measure, track and inhale the medicine by using lights and sounds as guidance. Otto simplifies the current treatment process and empowers the patients by providing an overview of their condition, guiding them through the process and making sure that they get correct amount of medicine. Having an overview provides doctors a deeper understanding on asthma triggers to create better asthma action plans for each individual. Previously complicated and time-consuming steps in the medication process are reduced to a 30 second seamless experience.

Living with asthma is a long term journey, and improving the treatment process would increase patients’ well being, without limiting their activities.


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