Pouring Music

Domus AcademyItaly


Concept / Student


Pranali Raval - Interaction Designer Yinan Hu - Product Designer


Pouring Music – A Symphony of Cultures in your hands

Living in a connected world, people are closer now than ever. The cities are becoming more and more multicultural. Different cultures, different identities. What binds all of us together is the curiosity to know more about each other.

We tried to capture this curiosity and design an exhibition for people to explore different cultures in a new and surprising way. The medium of exploration? Music.

Dealing with the slightly intangible concepts of music and cultures, we wanted the experience to be much more tangible. Also, we wanted it to twist people’s imagination and take them by surprise.

Keeping these goals in mind, we started looking for objects to represent our exhibition and the inspiration came from a common daily ritual between different cultures. The tea-coffee break. Every day in almost every country people get together during coffee breaks sharing stories, ideas and whatnot. It’s a perfect time for them to get to know each other a little bit more.

Plus, all different countries have their own tea/coffee cups and methods to prepare their beverage. So, these cups from different cultures became our interactive objects.

And that’s how ‘Pouring Music’ was born. It’s a music exhibition where people play with tea/coffee cups from 3 different cultures – China, India and Italy and explore a variety of music from these countries. The unique interactions with the cups also were utilized as music controls such as play/pause and song change.

This fits the category engaging as with the sounds coming from tea/coffee cups, it captures the attention of visitors and makes them curious and intrigued to play while also letting them explore a new culture. The whole wireless experience adds to the element of surprise and makes the visitors engage even more with the exhibit trying to find out how it all works. Hence, all in all, it exactly captures attention, creates delight and delivers meaning.


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