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Small to medium sized shops account for 80% of the machining market. 70% of parts are programmed manually at the CNC machine — on an interface stuck in the 80’s.

Designit partnered with Sandvik to redefine industrial machining workflows with Prism, the first computer-aided manufacturing app for iPad. It manages the entire cycle of machining and enables less experienced operators to create the programs that control CNC machines to drill, mill and carve out the parts we want to create.


Prism revolutionizes the industry by solving 3 fundamental issues prevalent in current solutions:

1. Time consuming and costly programming
The current available tools are not cost efficient for simple jobs. Manual programming is primitive, cumbersome and provides no way to visualize the tool path.

2. Long learning curve and isolation of expertise
The machining know-how is acquired through years of experience. There is no infrastructure to collect or share the know-how. The wheel is reinvented for each new programming series and CNC machine.

3. Fragmented workflow
The lack of a closed digital loop leads to manual tinkering and the risk of ending up with flawed code and defective objects.

Introducing Prism
Prism is the first CAM-application for iPad. It manages the entire cycle of machining — programming, simulation, post-processing and export to NC-code. The realtime feedback of the 3D-interface allows nearly anyone to understand CNC programming. With the tap of a finger, the tool path is simulated making it easy to understand how the piece will be machined, and to avoid mistakes.

Prism also opens a new era of smarter manufacturing by being the first product to offer Cookbooks for CNC machines — allowing machining experts to package and monetize their expertise, making the machining know-how of the industry available to anyone.

From start to product in 12 months.
With such an advanced and highly specialized innovation, truly understanding the user is key. With a short go-to-market timeframe, a highly agile design methodology was needed, featuring hands on user research, rapid high fidelity prototyping and user testing with actual hardware.

Discover: March 2018 – May 2018
Understanding early market research. User interviews, early concept design and user testing. Benchmarking and competitor analysis.

Define: May 2018 – June 2018
Analysis of early tests and reframing design challenge. Sketching, prototyping, testing new design concepts.

Design: June 2018 – February 2019
Continuously designing main flows and surrounding functionality, including a web application for project, team and machine shop management. User testing in USA.

Deliver and Launch: July 2018 – February 2019
Prism was presented at IMTS in Chicago 2018. The MVP launched in October for select customers to validate the main use cases. Commercial release on the AppStore took place in March 2019.

With Prism, machine shops are already revolutionizing their manufacturing process, unlocking hidden potential of their staff. Results already show that Prism can reduce programming by up to 94%.

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