Spacemaker: Design better cities with AI


Disrupting, Empowering

Concept / Professional


Klara Vatn, Ensi Mofasser, Bilal Chaudhry, Ragnhild Frøyen Milter, Hans-Martin Erlandsen


The world’s cities are facing explosive growth. Over the next 30 years, cities will grow by 2+ billion people. This requires building higher, denser and faster than before — while also providing high living quality and sustainable urban environments. Achieving this is a global challenge, recognized by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Meanwhile, construction, one of the least digitized industries globally, is struggling to adapt.

Spacemaker is determined to play a vital role in the industry’s needed transformation. By dramatically improving decision support and collaboration in real estate development, we aim to help build sustainable and better cities to live in. Spacemaker has developed a game-changing AI technology that helps architects, urban planners, property developers and municipalities to discover smarter ways to maximize the potential of a building site. This means saving time, realizing high quality living spaces, and achieving more livable areas in dense city environments.

Our tool enables a fantastic level of insight and makes architects even more effective than they are today. By answering all the questions that are hard to answer for humans and that requires computations, we enable them to focus even more on the problem solving and creative side.


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