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Shiv Rao, CEO and co-founder. Sandeep Konam, CTO and co-founder. Simon King, Product.


Think about your last doctor’s visit — it may have been last week, last month or even last year. Now, think about exactly what was said during that visit. Which medications did your doctor prescribe? What were the next steps? If you’re like most people, it’s often difficult to remember all of the details. That’s where Abridge comes in.

Abridge helps people stay on top of their health and brings more compassion and confidence to every step of a person’s health journey. It helps people capture the details of their care so they can follow through on their doctor’s recommendations and gain more peace of mind. When surveyed, patients reported forgetting 40%+ of their conversations with doctors. The parts they forgot? Everything in the middle and next steps — some of the most critical parts of the visit.

Designed for everyone, Abridge is a key tool for all types of health appointments, from specialist appointments to routine checkups. Abridge helps people stay informed and on top of their care so they can take a more active role in their health and well-being. Whether it’s the high level care plan or the details of diagnoses, procedures or medications, Abridge pulls out the key components of medical conversations so patients can maximize the effectiveness of doctors’ instructions and knowledge. Furthermore, it helps doctors save time and build trust. And it works — Abridge has the numbers to prove it.

To date, more than 50,000 people have downloaded the app and are using it to augment their understanding of their health. Through groundbreaking machine learning, Abridge has defined over 400,000 medical terms for its users. If a doctor mentioned “arrhythmia,”“pyelonephritis” or another seemingly indecipherable diagnosis to a patient, Abridge helps them understand what that word means in the context of their conversation. It has also identified more than 48,000 conversation takeaways, or the parts of the conversations where the next steps are discussed, such as “take Benazepril” or “get a lithotripsy.”

Design played an integral role in the creation of Abridge and in its continued evolution. Everything was grounded in the empathy the Abridge team has for its users. The design was shaped by the stories shared with them, from the siblings trying to keep track of their mother’s healthcare to the mom working to help her son with special needs. Abridge was guided by an understanding that health conversations involve many people (doctors, family, friends) and sought input from all of them.
From there, feedback and design iteration was focused on achieving simplicity and clarity, using technology in the background to highlight what’s most important. Abridge’s brand refresh aims to be approachable and human, normalizing a focus on health as an everyday consumer experience.

By using its design to capture the details of care, Abridge helps users see the big picture, keep everyone on the same page, and foster peace of mind, all of which are more important than ever as the world continues to deal with the impacts of COVID-19.


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