Beep Beep! Intravenous infusion leak detector

National Taipei University of EducationTaiwan


Concept / Student


Hui Ying Hsu


The increasing number of cancer patients has increased the occupancy rate of hospital beds and the demand for chemotherapy. If the leakage of chemotherapy devices can be effectively controlled, the work efficiency of medical staff can be improved and the willingness of cancer patients to undergo chemotherapy can be increased.


Beep Beep! is a device that detects blood flow rates and signs of allergies, effectively reducing the risk of leakage in children and adult chemotherapy patients. It combines a FPW sensor and a non-invasive blood flu detector to detect whether chemotherapy patients have allergic reactions due to the leakage of chemotherapy drugs, while detecting the rate of blood flow to determine whether chemotherapy patients due to infusion catheters or artificial blood vessel shedding caused by leakage, through APP to let health care workers and patients clearly understand the situation of infusion injection.


Reduce the shortage of hospital beds
Taking New Taipei City as an example, one hospital bed is provided to 309.97 people. If the home chemotherapy population can be effectively increased, the bed occupancy rate can be reduced by about 10%.

Increase willingness to chemotherapy
According to the survey, about 20% of patients are still hesitant to receive chemotherapy. If the safety of home chemotherapy can be increased, the willingness to chemotherapy can be effectively increased.

Reduce the risk of infusion at home
The most common problem encountered with home infusion is fluid leakage. If the status of home infusion can be effectively monitored, the risk of infusion can be reduced.


Beep Beep! uses non-invasive testing to mask the risk of wound infection, which can be used in both inpatient chemotherapy and home chemotherapy, where the patient can begin to detect the condition by applying the Beep Beep! device to the injection site, and the home patient can go home for infusion after installing both a portable chemotherapy bottle and Beep Beep!


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