Ibrida, the neighborhood bread beer

Politecnico di Milano, ItalyItaly


Production / Student


Akanksha Gupta - Digital Strategist, Francesca De Berardinis - Account Lead, Elisa Pirola - Creative Lead, Simone Piuri - Business Strategist


Ibrida is a neighbourhood bread beer brewed with the surplus bread unsold in the local bakeries in Milan. Unsold bread is a consistent problem that almost everyday bakeries have to face. In Italy, 19% of food waste is attributed to bread. Ibrida wants to give a second life to this product, by turning it into a local, social, inclusive and circular beer. The beer is crafted for and with the growing areas of the city, aiming to support small businesses scattered over fragile territories, promoting short supply chains and a km 0 approach.

In its mission to address responsible consumption and production sustainable development goal (SDG12), Ibrida saved around 300kg of bread in less than one year. And by replacing 30% of malt from a traditional recipe with bread, Ibrida reduced use of native resources. Ibrida has now produced 3 different types of beer – Ibrida x Bovisa, Ibrida x Chiaravalle, Ibrida x Barona – all referring to 3 growing neighbourhoods in the city of Milan. For each of these editions, Ibrida collaborated with local bakeries in the neighbourhood to procure surplus bread and a local brewery for the production of the beer. Collaborating with partners who hold the same values, Ibrida is working towards promoting a sustainable mindset to all its consumers.

Ibrida wants to capture the growing beer market in Italy just by the virtue of being a beer. But also be a part of the movement towards sustainable, locally-produced products and organic foods. Thus, Ibrida wants to reach a more informed, curious, sustainable and social beer drinker as the end-user. (B2C)

But, to make Ibrida a reality, it enforces strategic partnerships with bakeries and breweries to keep the production running, and a series of collaborators or resellers like cafes, bars, community hubs, event organisers, & companies (B2B), to keep the sales going, a win-win model that aims to create opportunities for all the actors involved.

Ibrida’s journey started in the Final Synthesis Studio at Politecnico di Milano (MS in Product Service System Design). With a strong design thinking methodology in place, Ibrida followed a divergent and convergent process. Semester-long desk research, field research, benchmarking, interviews, service design tools, business canvas and prototyping sessions served as the springboard to bring Ibrida to the real context. A strong influence of service design ideology in the team further enhanced this process. The team leveraged on their abilities as designers to empathise with the users and strategize the business decisions. In April 2019, the Call for Impact by GetIt, promoted by Cariplo Factory and Fondazione Social Venture, selected Ibrida as one of the 10 winners among 147 participants in Italy for the category “Food & Environment”.

Ibrida is still working towards its goals and facing new challenges in this ‘pandemic’ era.


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