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Victor Sahate - Chief Design & Brand Officer, Luiz Eduardo Bordim - Design Lead, Raphael Araujo - Sr. Product Designer, Matheus Pires - Head of Pedagogy, Rafael Cunha - University Entrance Exams President, Marco Fisbhen - CEO, Eduardo Castanho - Product Manager, Mônica Wagner - Product Manager, Daniel Guimarães - Tech Lead, Inácio Corrêa - Tech Lead


Descomplica is the largest online education company in Brazil, helping millions of students prepare for the biggest and most competitive hurdle for employability: undergraduate education, with access to it being tied solely to scores on a single test.

Descomplica’s target demographic is students from classes C and D, which are those who have monthly family incomes of up to R$5,000 a month and make up more than 50% of the total population, who wouldn’t otherwise be competitive at ENEM and other tests. We offer high-quality online education for an extremely low starting price-point.

Throughout the years the team has learned that teacher charisma, entertaining and actual content, a good exercise platform, and micro tests are crucial to help solidify some of the recently learned concepts and enhance the effectiveness of education. In our LMS, there are more than 2000 videos detailing every topic covered in ENEM. Daily classes follow a schedule that covers at least 4 hours every evening during the week. The exercise platform covers all of the previous ENEM questions. Exercises are presented to students right after a class is completed to deepen understanding. Finally, with the essay being a separate exam and frequently carrying a disproportionate weight on some courses and universities, the Descomplica essay grading feature, with real human review, provides key insights for students.

In 2020, the product started offering two student weekly schedules. The pre-recorded is a weekly pre-made learning path that the student can follow at any time. The program is composed of video lectures (broken into 3 to 5 minutes modules), a complete reading material, exercises about the subject, and essay assignments. The student is guided through the pedagogical path and oriented on how to keep track of progress. The second agenda is completely live, with interactive classes available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Those classes also follow a pedagogical program. These live classes take up to 40 minutes and are fully interactive. Students can ask questions and chat in groups in real-time with the help of supporting tutors. After the live class is finished, they become a video reprise that can be replayed at any time and as often as the student wants.

An important aspect of innovation in 2020 is related to how the company reacted to the COVID pandemic. As soon as Brazil got hit by the coronavirus and all the schools were closed around the nation, Descomplica changed their value proposition and pricing, and changed the UX to accommodate a lot more content and organize them in a way that helped students during the pandemic crisis and beyond.

– Our students score 38% higher at ENEM than all national test-takers.
– Our students had higher average scores than the national average in 9 out of 10 top majors in Brazil
– 60+ minutes of student time per session on LMS
– 10+ sessions/month per student
– 200K+ live questions/month
– +3.5M text messages sent between students In live sessions in 2020
– +3K student’s reactions per lesson
– LMS NPS: 71


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