Samsung Galaxy A – #danceAwesome

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Nick Pringle - VP Group Executive Creative Director, R/GA, Aaron Mosher - Executive Creative Director, R/GA, David Yankelewitz - Executive Creative Director, R/GA, Rene Van Wonderen - Associate Creative Director, R/GA, Rowan Mansfield - Copywriter, R/GA, David Stevanov - Associate Creative Director, R/GA, Augustus Sung - Associate Creative Director, R/GA, Rodrigo Burdman - Creative Director, R/GA, Bernise Wong - Senior Designer, R/GA, Sung Hoon Rhee - Designer, R/GA, Michael Beverley - Group Account Director, R/GA, Madeline LaRocca - Management Supervisor, R/GA, Hera Huang - Group Director Production, R/GA, Jasmine Arakel - Lead Producer, R/GA, Martin Vogts - Strategy Director , R/GA, James Mullally - Senior Connections Planner, R/GA, Hannah Forbes - Strategy Director, Influence, R/GA, Carol Powley - Executive Content Producer, Studios, R/GA, Erica Jensen - Director, Content Print Production, R/GA, Nick Williams - Senior Content Producer, Studios, R/GA, Dena Lenard - Senior Content Producer, Studios, R/GA, Lynda Blaney-Smith - Director, Business Affairs, R/GA, Joseph Delerme - Manager, Business Affairs, R/GA, Kayla Sredni - Senior Strategist, Studios, R/GA, Alexandra Redd - Video Editor, Studios, R/GA, DJ Shon, Robert Paynter - Senior Animators, R/GA, Pete Karam - Senior Sound Designer, R/GA, Sivanuj Pavarodom, Tom Crew, Clement Chia, Antoni Tudisco - Animators, R/GA


Samsung was losing the race to win the next generation of phone owners: Gen Z. They were turning to Chinese brands like Oppo and Huawei who were offering similar innovations and undercutting Samsung on price. The launch of the new Galaxy A was Samsung’s way to bring Gen Z back into the brand. Winning them back meant we had to increase brand favorability and drive purchase intent. Gen Z lives their lives on social 24/7. Since they quick to call out advertising bullsh*t, we told them exactly why they need the Galaxy A: it has an awesome screen, awesome camera, and long-lasting battery life. K-pop group, BLACKPINK, turned those features into a song and dance and we dropped it as a challenge on TikTok. It generated 16B views and drove brand favorability and purchase intent. At the time, Samsung was one of the first brands to utilize TikTok. With +1.5 billion users worldwide, it is the most downloaded app in the world. ~60% of users are 16 – 24 years old. BLACKPINK is one of the most popular K-Pop groups with a fanbase that spans the globe. Another reason we chose BLACKPINK was that they hadn’t released a song in ~18 months, making this their “comeback” (much to the appreciation of their fans).


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