L'Ecole de design Nantes AtlantiqueFrance

Empowering, Expressing

Concept / Student


Raphaƫlle Gorenbouh: interaction design, programming, brand design. Margaux Bonnet: sound design, ergonomy, brand design. Violaine Claron: ergonomy, product design and modeling. Thibault Saboureau: motion design, mapping.


Woodland is inspired by mushroom shape and mycorrhizae. It targets musicians with motor disabilities and aims to enhance their electronic PAD experience.

The goal is to improve the feeling of control of the game through haptic feedback and mapping. The different inclinations of the mushroom offer better control of the melody, while the hat shape allows an optimal grip.

From conception to modeling, most of the iteration phase was devoted to ergonomy, user testing, and the final visual set up.


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