Hibi : The Friendly Shopping Inhibitor

National University of SingaporeSingapore

Disrupting, Empowering, Engaging

Concept / Student


Ashley Huang


Hibi is a friendly shopping inhibitor that helps you gain clarity over your possession and purchases and co-make real time decisions with you while motivating you through goals and behavioural insights. With Hibi, young adults have the freedom to make more mindful shopping decisions and shape their shopping behaviour according to their goals.

Project Description

What opportunity was the project addressing?

The project explores and reimagines the potential of reshaping shopping behaviours through the use of a digital solution that helps users gain clarity over their possessions, and co-make decisions with them.


Who were you designing for?

The primary target audience is for young adults who struggle with over consumption. The design could also be adapted to patients who suffer from Compulsive Buying Disorder (CBD).


What was the impact?

The project was user tested with a group of self identified shopaholics, as well as Dr Lui Yit Shiang from National University Hospital (NUH) who believes this solution could be used for patients who suffer from CBD.


Describe your design process applied to the project?

The starting angle of this project was through a medical and social approach- understanding the current medical solutions on how to treat addiction to shopping, as well as social prevention efforts for those who are in debt. Research was heavily supported by reaching out to NUH as well as Credit Counselling Singapore (CCS). Round of iterations, user research and testing was done.


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