A Day In the Mind – Imagining a future of BCI User Experiences

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Afshin Mehin, Austin Magin, Levi Joo, Mark Kim, Taylor Montello


As a design studio we have had the privilege of working for some visionary Brain Computer Interface (BCI) companies such as Neuralink over the last few years.Through this work, we been given a glimpse into where things are headed. We believe we are in the midst of a new era in technology – one where brains and digital data are beginning to communicate more seamlessly together.
A Day In the Mind is a project that starts to highlight a broad spectrum of future BCI user experiences, with an effort made to highlight both the inspiring opportunities as well as the frightful risks that this technology could hold. The main goal of this project is to start a conversation within the UX design community before all of the BCI technology breakthroughs have been made. Because if designers wait until all of the technology breakthroughs are made, we will have fallen too far behind in the conversation about how to steer this technology.
Our project looks at different UX challenges created by BCIs, covering topics such as:
1) How to empower users to control their privacy and overall autonomy with BCIs
2) How people might use BCIs to enhance how they carry out knowledge work
3) How people may leverage BCIs to communicate nonverbally with others or digital assistants.
4) How people can more intuitively interact with digital assistants with BCIs
As a concept project, we continue to build on this body of work as the field of BCIs evolves and grows.

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