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Yuxuan Hou


Architecture is one of the most amazing arts in the world. It deserves a more appealing way to let people know them. So how to create an immersive experience to discover the famous architectures is the most important task in my design.
When I look through the current interactions and games, the users’ journey is mainly about users getting the instruction from the platform and then following the rules.
But now it’s time to reverse the whole journey. Design with advanced technology is not just about giving a tutorial or a comfort zone for users. Because creating a fantastic world is not a privilege only for designers. Design could be an inspiration, an Eye of Agamotto, and even a magic wand beyond the physical world for everyone.
Archimood is an AR app that helps you learn the greatest buildings and let them interact with you! There are 10 different filters on it, where you can dance with buildings, create your own imagination and share with your friends.
Archmood brings a whole new meaning to augmented reality. You can use simple, fun interactions to create creative augmented architectures around you. It improves the interactive experience among the whole physical world, the human’s choreography, and users. It makes the learning process more vivid and participatory.
In the future, every user will become an imaginer to co-create an amazing world by trying Archimood.

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