Ask For It – Conversations around consent, confusion and blurred lines


Connecting, Empowering

Production / Indie/Non-Profit


Priyanka Pillai, Nisha Rangdal, Tanvi Bhatnagar


Ask for it  is an inclusive, comprehensive card-based discussion tool aimed at young adults and adults of India (aged 16+), that organically encourages conversations about topics related to consent, which otherwise are shrouded in taboo and uncertainty and therefore, difficult to talk about. The objective is for people to use the cards provided to them as triggers to discuss, in a group setting, given scenarios – why it may have occurred, what are the consequences of it, and how one should deal with it. By bringing differing perspectives into open discussion, the tool is designed to help participants build an understanding of these often complex topics together, so that they may apply learnings in real-life situations and have healthier, supportive relationships with themselves and other people. One discussion at a time, Ask for it aims to educate people on, and destigmatize topics related to consent, creating a safer and more inclusive environment for all kinds of people.


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