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Andi Lawley, Avinash Chitturi ,Crayon Hsieh, Jie Qian, Jinhao Li, Mingxiao Hu, Sagare Chetan Basawaraj, Sam Twist, Soojin Park, Tingwei Weng, Yichen Wang, Yuda Zhong


Connecting devices together is always hard, especially when you’re operating across ecosystems. Clipt is a cross-platform application that creates a link between all of your devices to increase productivity, iOS, Android, Mac, and PC. Seamlessly sending text, photos, and files between devices, it’s as easy as copying on one device and pasting on another. By using the Google Cloud Clipt is safe and secure. Ever emailed a photo to yourself or typed out a long address from your laptop, no more with Clipt! Sorting your last 10 items and having no file size limit, Clipt will help make all your devices feel like one.
Key features:
1. Seamlessly link multiple devices across ecosystems for increased productivity. Available for both Android and iOS, as well as an extension on Chromium-based browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Opera (on PC, Mac, and Linux).
2. Transfer text, images, and files with confidence knowing it’s on your Google Drive. Clipt will never see what you send as your information is safe within Google Cloud Storage.
3. Search the recent history of your shared clipboard and use filters to quickly find specific categories.
4. Use pinned items to sort your most used text, files, or images for instant access.
5. No need to be on the same Wi-Fi, Clipt works wherever your devices are.
6. No file limits or compression.

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