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Marek Torbus


COVID-19 patients face difficulty in verbal communication due to shortness of breath, high fever, and tiredness. Loved ones can not visit in person, instead, connection has to be supported through technology. Patients suffer from loneliness and detachment from their family and society, which has a strong negative influence on well-being. Therefore, the design goal of this project is to reduce the feeling of isolation in COVID-19 patients by creating an unobtrusive connection with their family.
The Close application connects isolated patients and their families through the storytelling of memories and moments by means of images, video, and sounds. The application consists of two sides: a patient reader view and family content creation. The family is able to create stories from memories or a moment of their day. In this way, the family connects with the patient and lets them know they are being thought of. The app casts the stories to the patient’s TV screen, which was observed to be present in almost every isolated room.
While the patient is resting, the TV displays ambiance mode, a visual representation of the family’s closest member location. The patient is quietly notified when a new story is shared. When the patient is ready to receive messages, the stories can be revealed by shaking the phone or through the app.
Close was evaluated with main stakeholders, ex-COVID-19 patients, their family members, and hospital staff, and found to give purpose to family members and bring an unobtrusive feeling of closeness for patients.

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