CofFeed: Better SCG repurposing for urban farms

LI & SUN Design LLCUnited States of America

Disrupting, Engaging, Optimizing

Concept / Indie/Non-Profit


Yumeng Li, Zongheng Sun


CofFeed is an intuitive service platform connecting spent coffee grounds (SCG) to urban farming. Improper SCG recycling in cities is common due to the lack of centralized systems, which significantly impacts the soil and water. Whereas, organic fertilizing is barely adopted in suburbans without sufficient clean compost at a lower price. CofFeed not only solves the “last mile” problem of SCG recycling, but also closes the circle to support urban farming. With features like Recycle, Redeem, and Relax, it encourages people to drop off SCG at CoHubs cooperated by local coffee shops, and eventually transports SCG to urban farms.
CofFeed utilizes game-like interactions to mobilize everyone’s power to collect, process and repurpose scattered SCG into organic fertilization. It provides interactive guidelines that simplify the recycling process and make it playable. Sharable leaderboards will show users’ contributions in recycling. Designed to take minimum GPS and camera usage accessible with most mobile platform, it has three features in the interaction:
Incentive: CoPoints gained from each SCG drop-off can be redeemed for rewards;
Inclusive: Online initiated workshops between local groups that increases user engagement;
Immersive: Educative AR animation illustrates personal recycling footprint that sharable to social media.
Unlike traditional methods, CofFeed provides complete and economical solutions by bridging resources without creating secondary wastes. CofFeed is the cradle to cradle consideration that could not only eliminate the global carbon footprint of six million tons of SCG every year, but also shift passive 3rd-party recycling to responsible consumption that encourages individuals to take actions.

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