Encounter – Bringing physical, psychological and cultural proximity within a community

Guangzhou Academy of Fine ArtsChina

Connecting, Disrupting

Concept / Student


Xingyi Zhou


BACKGROUND: On the one hand, high-rises, online shopping, and express delivery tend to diminish people’s participation in public spaces and create silos, both physical and psychological. On the other hand, given China’s post-pandemic economic malaise, the “street-stall economy” has been encouraged as a new lifeline for effective economic growth, bringing opportunities for vendors and traditional craftsmen to showcase their unique products and regional cultures.
DESIGN QUESTION: How might we develop a durable street-stall market system to support the physical, psychological, and cultural proximity within a community?
CHALLENGE: (1)The street-stall market is disordered and temporary. (2)It’s always selling and buying, without any meaningful interactions. (3)Many traditional old-fashioned stalls can’t attract residents.
SOLUTION: Designing a theme-based market system that utilizing local culture and creating a cooperating platform to facilitate collaborations between traditional and trendy vendors.

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