End-to-end single point farmer support app for 200 million+ Indian farmers

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Aashish Solanki, Aniket Kumar, Dimple Jain, Gokul, Raghav Iyengar, Rishitha Raj, Roshith


The problem?
India’s 200 million+ farmers did not have access to a personalized farmer support app. Seedworks partnered with NetBramha to create a comprehensive digital platform to address farmer problems.
– Lack of personalized information
– Dependency on unorganized resources
– Lack of engaging platforms for farmers
– High diversity across languages, crops, etc.
– No single platform that gives end-to-end support
The Approach?
NetBramha spent 500+ hours speaking with over 600 farmers across 40 remote locations in India to understand their challenges. With gamification & a highly personalized crop calendar, the app was designed to handhold farmers throughout the crop life cycle via customized step-by-step farming instructions.
– Highly personalized crop calendar
– Gamification to keep farmers engaged
– Using patterns of YouTube & TikTok (a farmer favorite)
– Amicable conversational tone
– Voice-feature a constant across the app
Key Results
– Empowering 200 million+ Indian farmers with easy tech accessibility
– Reduction in crop wastage with improved crop cycles
The outcome
An end-to-end farmer support app that transforms crop production efficiency by making tech easily accessible to the 200 million+ farmers of India.


Seedworks App is a first-of-its-kind, single point end-to-end farmer support platform offering highly personalized farming solutions within a robustly gamified ecosystem, making tech more easily accessible to farmers.

Through Seedworks app, every farmer can avail step-by-step farming instructions, information about crop yield, diseases, soil quality, buy seeds -everything tailored to suit the farmer’s specific needs.

Seedwork app comes with a host of personalized features, the main being the Crop Calendar. The crop calendar feature will handhold the farmer throughout the entire lifecycle of a crop by providing him with tips, advice and personalised tasks to help him increase his profits and improve yield.

Seedworks can be best described as a ruggedly farmer-centric app built on the principles of gamification that helps farmers enhance their yield. Built on robust gamification principles, Seedworks keeps farmers engaged on the platform through rewards, badges, points, & leaderboard.

By making agricultural activities fun, engaging, & personalized, Seedworks app has the potential to become the one true ally of the 200 million+ Indian farmers.

With vernacular design, amicable voice feature as a constant across the app, robust gamification, & tailormade crop solutions , Seedworks resulted in 3X reduction in crop wastage with improved crop cycles, reduced dependency on unscientific methods, biased middlemen, & unorganized information sources, and last but not least empowering the farmers of India.

Opportunities addressed

Lack of personalized information

Dependency on unorganized resources

Lack of engaging platforms for farmers

High diversity across languages, crops

No single platform that gives end-to-end support


The 200 million+ farmers of India who are looking for personalized farming solutions.


3X reduction in crop wastage through improved crop yield

Application of gamification in agritech design driving app adoption

Highly personalized crop support through engaging features

Design Process Research

Our team of designers spent 18 days visiting 50 villages spread across 9 Indian states, talking to over 700 farmers.

Recurring themes

The need to increase their knowledge related to farming

The ability to get support and advice for their concerns

The need to communicate with each other and company representatives

Openness to new ideas and technology


86% farmers need urgent assistance for their doubts and queries

28% use Kisaan call centers 96% participate in daily evening gatherings to seek advice from other farmers

91% dependent on vendors/distributors/company representatives 56% use Google or YouTube for quick fixes

94% farmers want support for the entire crop cycle

Current landscape

Most farmers blindly followed other farmers who had achieved good crop yield without taking into account contextual factors

Most farmers never had soil testing done

Many remained a victims of false/misleading information

Farmers hardly trusted Google/online weather reports

There was a great deal of trust in the advice of village elders

Receptive to new idea for a farmer support app


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